Freed From The Law of Sin and Death

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Posted June 12, 2005

No, T____,

I re-read your letter, looking to see if you had mis-spoken or were lacking in some point. You tell a very familiar story similar to everyone who attends our conferences. It is the story of all of God’s elect. It is always somewhat different, yet it is always the same. I love to hear that story. I love to hear it in all of its variations.

If I felt any need to “correct you,” you can bet it would be “in mercy.” I see no such need in this letter.

I would only say that Paul spent 13 years in Arabia and in Tarsus, preparing for the work for which God had separated him. I do not know your age, but you asked, “Any advice?” That is my advice. Take time to know God’s word before you begin preaching it to others.

I hope to hear from you again,


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