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  • How do we Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem? [Posted May 3, 2024] Thanks Mike, That cleared it up well for me. As far as what's going on over in the middle east, I guess all we can do is follow our Lord's will Psalms 122:6   Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. Al... [read more]
  • Audio Download Are Toys Mentioned in the Bible? [Posted March 31, 2024] Hi All, Are toys mentioned in the bible? If so, what does it mean/ [and] signify? Thanks, D____ Hi D____, Thank you for your inquiry ~ "Are toys mentioned in the bible? If so, what does it mean/ [and] signify?" I can't... [read more]
  • How The Lord Feels About Apathy [Posted January 29, 2024] Hi Mike, We discussed that it's expected to have empathy and why it's mandated to have this emotional intelligence. My question is what does the Bible discuss about apathy, the antonym of empathy? Obviously it's not right to have apathy to... [read more]
  • What was the 'Sign' of Cain? Hi ​Mike, I think you are doing well Thanks to the Lord, without forgetting the whole team who works continuously for the Kingdom so that many people may be given at the right time the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and a heart to understand, comparing spiritual thin... [read more]
  • Is it a Sin to 'Seek After a Sign'? [Posted July 24, 2023] Hey Mike, Hope you are well. During prayer I found myself asking God for a sign. Not an external sign like fire from heaven, or physical healing, but an internal one. That His faith and His righteousness ​a​re indeed increasing in me. Tha... [read more]