Physical versus Spiritual Messages

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Yes, J___,

I made the statement somewhere in that letter that there is always an outward fulfillment. (Then again that may have been in the next letter I answered.) I’ll cut and paste it as I did your letter to that person. I hope this helps.


Hi Mike,

I’m re- reading Mat 24:1-28 where Jesus is talking to the disciples about the destruction of the temple, the sign the times, the end of the age and the great tribulation.

I haven’t really looked at this in depth with my newer eyes. According to “END TIMES” theorists, there will be a specific time that these things will take place. My questions are:

1. Are we still to believe that these things will happen at a specific date in time, or are we to view it from a “is- was- will be” perspective?

2. Are we to be anticipating a outward “global” manifestation of these things, or are they really progressively happening within each of us?

I’m not sure I understand these verses like I used to. Which is probably a good thing, since my understanding came from Orthodox Christian doctrine.

Thanks for your time,


Hi D____,

Thank you for your question.

The short answer to your questions, is that all of the words of Christ have both an inward and an outward fulfillment. But the purpose for both the inward and the outward is to deceive the “many called” while at the same time revealing Christ to His “few elect.” So all who are focused on outward fulfillments will invariably miss the true message.

Joh 9:39 And Jesus said, For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and tha t they which see might be made blind.

I have just finished answering a question about the beasts of Daniel, which I feel also answers these questions of yours. I hope you don’t mind me simply cutting and pasting that letter in answer to your questions. I have to do this if I ever hope to get caught up on my e- mails. I hope you understand.


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