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  • Dear Mike, I recently came to a point where I felt a need to fast and seek God to understand why he seemed to be withholding physical blessings. For the past several years, it seemed that no matter what I did, my efforts were not rewarded. It was just plain weird! No matter the variety of seed nor t... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, Was reading one of your articles this morning before heading out to work and I had a thought I would like to bounce off of you (see cut and paste of scripture below... bold font your emphasis). Miriam being shut out of the camp for 7 days (i. e. 7 meaning completely shut out of the camp)...... [read more]
  • I read that you say that Bro. Eby is in error teaching that man was first spirit and lowered to the earthy realm. I am finding that difficult to prove with the meaning of "breath" in Gen.2:7 H5397 "neshâmâh" only used when denoting God or Almighty. I have stood with 1Co 15:45. You have ... [read more]