Why The Tabernacle Silver and Gold Must Be Pure

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Hi D____,
I just read your introduction over on the discussion board. It was very interesting, and it sounded so very familiar. As I have said to our conference attendees on more than one occasion, we all have the same story, just the details vary, but every story is the same “revelation of Jesus Christ” in each of us.
You ask about the need for alloys in gold and silver in order to make them practical for men’s uses. That really is the essence of your question or the question of your jeweler friend. In the court of the tabernacle there may be a need for copper, but not so in the holy place or the holy of holies. By the time we enter into the holy of holies and are in a position to “look behind us to see the seven golden candlesticks” and “the voice that speaks to us,”  all we need to be in that position is pure, soft and malleable gold and silver.
All the gold and silver do is to cover wooden boards and wooden furniture. In order to do that, the gold which covers everything must be very easy to work with and beat out and mold around all the furnishings of the tabernacle. That would be impossible if there were any impurities in that gold or that silver. The need in God’s tabernacle is to be easily molded by God, not to have impurities which give us strength within ourselves. Anything that strengthens us makes us useless to God.
I hope this helps you to see why your friend’s reasonings do not serve to make one fit for use in the holy place, nor in the holy of holies.

Psa 12:6  The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

Your brother in the Christ,

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