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  • Hello, First I would like to Thank God with you for the site you have online. Next, I think I understand most of what you have relayed regarding the off- handed way I had thought the New Testament quoted the old. I just figured that somehow the quotes were perhaps lost through translation. The one t... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, I would like to run my thoughts by you. As you have taught, heaven and hell are in our own minds, as is everything. There are two spiritual worlds: our own thoughts, and God's thoughts in us via His spirit. God's thoughts confirm and reject what we hear, as spiritual or Spiritual 'test all ... [read more]
  • God bless you, Mike! I have just read what you have written about no man having seen the Father in O. T. In Luk 1:32 Jesus is called the Son of the Highest or Most High! HYPSISTOU in Greek, which in Septuagint translates ELYON in Hebrew. Melchizedek was priest of ELYON (Gen 14:18-24). In Dan 7:17-27... [read more]