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  • Audio Links Download Part 1 [audio:http://iswasandwillbe.com/audio/FloweryBranch/Book_of_Revelation/Revelation_18_24.mp3] Video Links Download Part 1 [jwplayer config="Out-of-the-Box" file="http://iswasandwillbe.com/video/Flash/Revelation/Revelation_18_24.flv"] Rev 18:24 And in her w... [read more]
  • Hey Mike, I hope all goes well there in Flowery Branch Georgia. (I think this is right) I am in a discussion with a long time friend and brother, also out of the WCG. He is hooked on the "Sheperds Chapel" and their teaching about the sons of God having sex with human women and producing offspring. I... [read more]
  • How Christ is God Hi Mike; I enjoyed attending and meeting everyone down at the Marshall, MI bible study. I am still trying to understand some of the concepts that I had not heard before, but which are starting to slowly make sense. I come across scriptures that I don't understand, and I know when... [read more]
  • Paul points out to Philemon: …perhaps he [ Onesimus, Philemon's rebellious, runaway servant] departed for a season, that you [ Philemon] should receive him forever; not now as a servant [ a slave, a nepios, an infant that "differs nothing from a slave" (Gal 4:1)] but above a servant, a brothe... [read more]