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  • I wonder why each time we think everything will be fine now, that nothing can happen anymore to shake us, trials are happening. Is it really in the will of God, or is it the devil sending us those trials. Thanks, P____ The scriptural answer to your question is that "it really is in the will of God... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, Thank you so much for your site. My husband and I are both learning much from it. Thank you for welcoming questions. I've tried to find the answersnon your site, but no luck as yet, though I still have much to read. Here's some that I'd appreciate you answering. What does it mean to "hea... [read more]
  • Dear Mike. The Roman Catholic argues for the burning up of the "wood, hay, stubble," (1Co 3:12) as the purging of man's soul of all that is unworthy. A man in purgatory should be glad to get rid of these impurities, to be fit for eternal happiness, but Paul says he "SHALL SUFFER LOSS". (1Co 3:15). ... [read more]