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  • Hey Mike, I certainly believe, like you, that there is a literal Satan, etc. I am not so sure about so- called demons. Let me assure you, I do not know enough about it to make a strong stand either way. It just seems so absurd that we would wrestle with these deities and yet they are doing the will... [read more]
  • Mike: Do you hear from God by way of the Holy Spirit or have you been taught by men in reference to your email reply below? Are you open to learning truth from God's word that will contradict your views? God showed me something I have never recognized before in relation to Rev 1:8. Are you completel... [read more]
  • Mike, I know that I am sending this email for a reason, and I hope God would make clear to me why. I am hoping that you can read what is below and tell me what you think. Have you ever heard of this gentleman before? I have been communicating with him for awhile and have read a lot of what he has wr... [read more]
  • M____ wrote: Mike,     Thanks so much for your wisdom.  I'm so frustrated with this sin. I do well for a while than it pops back up. It would look like valleys and mountains on a graph. I can see such a difference between both natures at work in me. What a wretched man ... [read more]