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  • Thank God for making you write this paper on 'free will'.  He has opened my eyes so I can SEE! Mike what state are you in? Do you have meetings? I would like to hear more! Are there any other sites with these teachings? Peace be to you and yours in the name of the Lord Jesus! S____ Hi S... [read more]
  • Dear Mike, It was edifying to read your response, and I have had much of my confusion clarified after reading your piece on Strong Delusion. But here I owe you one testimony. So far in my spiritual journey I have met three people whom I consider God's faithful servants: you, another man you may kno... [read more]
  • Do you believe that there is not one church today which teaches the "truth" which you have on your website, or one which you can consider comes "closest" to your beliefs? Thank you. R____ Hi R____, Thank you for your question. The very act of incorporating under the guidelines required by our gove... [read more]
  • Mr. Vinson, I'm reading your writings on Strong Delusion. It's powerful! And thank you. Spiritually, I'm going through some things with my church, and I need help. First, my current pastor was a close friend of mine and my husband before branching off to start his own church. We joined him because ... [read more]