Is the King James Bible the Best Translation?

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Thank you for your question concerning why I said what I did about the King James Version to you in our past correspondence.
I went back and saw that I had pointed out to you that the King James translators made Hebrews 13:17 say ‘obey’ when it actually says ‘be persuaded’.
This is but one of many such instances where the King James translators twisted the Word of God to make it fit their doctrine and the teachings of their church of England, which is just a splinter of the Catholic Church. The church of England had broken away from the Catholic church, and King James wanted the scriptures to reinforce his own doctrine of “the divine right of kings”, so boy, did those translators go overboard in doing just that! If you can get a copy of the original 1611 version and read what the translators say to the king in the introduction you will see what I mean. He is treated as the Pope of the church of England. Andrew Jukes lost his standing in the church because he refused to sign a statement declaring the queen of his day to be over all things in heaven and in earth, which was just a continuation of the policies which King James has his translators to write into Hebrews 13:17.
Here is a link to what the King James Translators had to say about their boss, King James:
Here is a link to what I have written on this subject:

How we are to Keep the Lord’s House Clean and His Body Healthy

Read this link, and if you still have questions let me know.
Your brother in Christ,

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