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  • Does God Love Some People More Than Others? Hi Mike, I have a question on Gen​esis​ 37:3. It tells us Jacob loved Joseph more than all his children. Now I understand this is telling us Jacob (God the Father) loved Joseph (Jesus) more than all his children, and I'm sure no person of faith would ... [read more]
  • The Purpose of Suffering [Posted February 6, 2020] [Updated December 30, 2020] Hello Mike, I hope this finds you well. I am starting to understand the parable of the workers in the vineyard. Each day a tiny bit more of His truth seems to crystallise in me. I hope you don't mind me taking you... [read more]
  • What is Lacking ​o​f ​t​he Afflictions ​of Christ? Sir, Thank you for your previous correspondence. I am presently reading “The biblical overview, 1st entry“ and the study on Revelation, ch #1. Please help me to understand the scriptural agreement of Php 3:13 and Col 1:24 in relation to the ter... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, Are you a futurist or a preterist? J____ Hi J____, Thank you for your question, "Are you a futurist or a preterist?"  The answer is that I am neither "a futurist nor a preterist". I have said many times, anyone who is a dispensationalist (futurist) knows only 1/3 of the True ... [read more]