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  • The Parables of Luke 14-17 Part 2 The Parables of the "Marriage Supper" and the "Great Supper" [Study Aired February 25, 2020] In the last study we saw that the parable of the wedding feast is about how the body of Christ is to present ourselves as we come together. We are to present ourselves wi... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, Considering the current discourse on socialism in our culture, I was surprised that someone hadn't brought this question up sooner. It's a valid question for our country which was founded on individual freedoms as opposed to living under the heel of a tyrannical government. Your response wa... [read more]
  • A____ wrote: Mike, in Mat 23 are the things Jesus is saying about the scholars and Pharisees the same words he would have for the Pastors and Catholic Priests of today?  If yes, then how do they respond when they are confronted with this fact?  Obviously they deny it, but how exactly do th... [read more]
  • M____ wrote: Hi Mike, Another quick thought because you had mentioned in your article about the apostasy of the church that the mark of someone who is apostate is they retail God's Word to profit.  2 Cor11, where Paul mentions this "other Jesus" and "another gospel", the whole chapter is about ... [read more]