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  • Hi Mike, I really enjoyed your study ever present help, tongues and tithing. It is a challenge to break tradition but the freedom is definitely worth it. I would never of thought that "I" had an idol of the heart! Huge encouragement and enjoy the fruit from it already. Cheers and many thanks. J____ ... [read more]
  • Hello Mike,  I just thought I would drop you an email to touch base and let you know I am continuing to enjoy all you do on your website and in your talks on Revelation. It does get somewhat lonely when one has no one close that believes the truths of the bible. As I have emailed to you previou... [read more]
  • Holiday Traditions Hello everyone. I am forming this letter with as much love as the Lord allows me to create it with, and in doing so, my hope is that you will all receive it in the spirit in which it is sent - Love. I ask that you read it thoroughly, a few times if necessary, before you make a d... [read more]