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  • Hi Mike, I read your document and found it very compelling, but have a question as to what you believe the nature of Jesus Christ is. Do you believe in the dual nature, and so believe that Jesus is God? I have recently come out of the belief in the trinity, and have some thoughts on this, but would ... [read more]
  • Dear Mike, How are you? Hope things have been good with you! I am having doubts about whether or not I am one of the elect! I understand the Bible studies and all the lessons on the site when I read them, but when I read the Bible itself I don't get the same understanding, unless you're spoon- feedi... [read more]
  • J____ wrote: Hi mike, Hope you and your family are well. I was just watching the easter celebrations on the T. V. and wondering as I watched their joyous faces worshiping, how most of them are entwined in Babylon. Are we not to worship in spirit and in TRUTH (Joh 4:23). I guess what I'm asking: is a... [read more]