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  • Foundational themes in Genesis – Study 63 (Key verses: Gen 19:1-16) In our discussion on the foundational theme of faith, we come to Chapter 19 of Genesis where the focus is placed on Lot, the nephew of Abraham, and the ultimate judgment of God on the city where he and his family live, namely Sodom... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, 1) When does Eze 16:55 happen? Are they the great army of Eze 37:10 that Satan gathers in Rev 20:8 or are Sodom and Samaria raised just for judgement? 2) Who are the heathen of Eze 37:28? 3) Does Andrew Jukes believe in a Gap theory? It appears he feels Exo 20:11 starts at Gen 1:3 and not 1... [read more]
  • Hey, Mike, When the bible says in Rom 11:26 that all Israel will be saved, is this after the lake of fire? Those brought up in the second resurrection are not converted until they repent, right? Thanks, C____ Good morning C____, You ask if Rom 11:26 is after the lake of fire. Here are the v... [read more]
  • Mike,   Thanks again for your answers.  I am going to study your material on the Law of the Offerings like you suggested. This should take a few weeks and give you a break from my emails. I'm sure you're very busy. I'm not the most popular person at my Church right now after shar... [read more]
  • I know you are very busy. But it is such a relief to FINALLY have someone who has been shown the same things I have! Thank you Jesus! I am stealing time here and there to read more of your entries, I have not yet found an answer: Do you believe it is necessary to speak in tongues? Also, I have not ... [read more]