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  • Hi J___, I will go line by line through this letter and give God's Word and contrast God's Word with the carnal minded reasoning of your friend. Your friend, as I myself once did and all carnal minds do, fails to see the difference between the ability to choose based upon the causes he himself admit... [read more]
  • Dear Mike, Actually this question is not from me. Instead it is from one of my friends and co- brothers in the church. He said that, during the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, he spoke most of the time to his disciples, the proof are the four gospels, and only on a few occasions did he speak to ... [read more]
  • Mike, Do you think the story of the Garden of Eden is a literal story or a parable? J____ Hi J___, Thank you for your question. You ask: Do you think the story of the Garden of Eden is a literal story or a parable? The answer is that like every parable or type and shadow of scripture, the creation s... [read more]
  • Hey, Mike, I know you have tons of emails, so feel free to point me somewhere on the site where you've explained this. But last night, I awoke and got my bible out to read. I turned to the Parable of the Unjust Steward in Luk 16:1-18. I couldn't make out the meaning of this parable. It seemed contra... [read more]
  • Hey, Mike, I hope you are doing well. My wife and I had a conversation recently about the streets of gold and mansions. The explanation I gave to her was that the streets of gold represent our path in God's righteousness and that mansions are God's people individually and collectively while in Hi... [read more]