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  • When Does Life Begin in the Womb? [Posted December 21, 2022] Sir, In one of your articles about the millennium, you share of aborted babies​ ​going into the lake of fire. Obviously, that follows them being resurrected. My question is, "I​s there a point and time during the nine​-month stay in mo... [read more]
  • H​i ​M​ike, ​W​hat is the fate of those who don​'​t have the spirit of christ? ​I'm pretty sure ​I​ don​'​t have the spirit of christ...​I​ was talking to a guy on facebook video chat, he kinda got under my skin. ​I​ hung up on him. a few days later, he told me jesus is finished with me...cause ​I​... [read more]
  • Brother, I'm at that part in the Job series, Ch. 3, where you talk about men wanting to die, as Job cursed his day and wished he had died in his mother's womb. That was a pretty heavy thing to say, but I believed that in my groaning just recently I have said or thought something similar; somethin... [read more]
  • Gospels In Harmony - By What Authority? Mat 21:23-27, Mar 11:27-33, Luk 20:1-8 [Study Aired May 11, 2021] Mar 11:27a And they come again to Jerusalem: Luk 20:1a And it came to pass, that on one of those days, as he taught the people in the temple, and preached the gospel, Mar 11:27b and as he w... [read more]
  •   ​H​i Mike, I​n ​R​evelation it states that anyone whose name isn​'​t found written in the book of li​f​e is cast into the lake of fire. However,​ what about those whose names have been BLOTTED OUT? ​A​re the​y​ ca​s​t in​to​ the lake of fire with the name that was blotted out, or do they ge... [read more]