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  • Mike, You said: "That Day is HERE!! It is not in some distant past or future. Jesus isn't coming back... Yahshua is already HERE!!" Yes, the salvation of God (Yahshua) is inward... the Kingdom of God comes without observation. It is IN your midst... the Christ in you. I agree it is symbolic. T... [read more]
  • by Steve Crook Often times since being given the faith of Christ that I have now been given, I am asked a question that tends to boggle folks' minds when answered with the Word of God. "So, what happens when we die?" Oh, the dreaded “D” word! Not damn or dang, but death. Dying, the inevitable trut... [read more]
  • Hello Mike, I was recently in a discussion with someone about the fire that shall not be quenched. The person suggested that the fire will burn for ever, never stopping. He used Isa 34 to prove this, especially verse 10. I had a look at it and then I noticed that chapter 35 is speaking of such wonde... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, I am always failing against my physical body. I always acknowledge God as Supreme in my mind. I am still in Babylon. I don't like my life in this world. My understanding is based on God's word and His Will. My mind was saying these verses of Mark 4:18-19. I want to be like a good soil. ... [read more]
  • What is Grace and Its Purpose? [Posted July 6, 2006] Understanding grace is only for those who "Do His will" (Joh 7:17). What sometimes comes up missing in the teaching of the doctrine of grace is the understanding that is imparted to us in Titus 2:11 and 12.  Grace teaches [paideuo, Strong's #381... [read more]