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  • Download Study Download Discussion The Husband is The Head of The Wife [Study Aired and Posted June 15, 2020] This study is addressed to believing wives to whom the word of God is supreme. As I said in yesterday’s address to believing husbands, it is critical that a Godly couple “be of the s... [read more]
  • Download Study Download Discussion Eph 5:25 - Husbands Love Your Wives [Study Aired June 14, 2020] Our study today is being given because it has been requested by more than one person. Today’s subject will be addressed to us men as husbands, and tomorrow night's study will be addressed to al... [read more]
  • Mike, Quick question: if you can clarify the meaning for me on Ephsians 5:33. The word translated reverence is Strong's 5399-- phobeomai. That word is always translated as fear or afraid. I can see why the translators had difficulty translating this verse as fear since the Scriptures teach to 'fear ... [read more]
  • Hello, I came across your website a few months ago when doing an online search for "type and shadow" (I forget what the specific type and shadow I was looking for though!) I have really enjoyed and been blessed by what is written. I still don't understand it all and some of it I still don't have the... [read more]
  • Hosea – Let Not Judah Offend Recap In the first chapter of Hosea we learned some very valuable insights about the mind of the Lord in regards to His relationship to His body, His church. Although this book is written about a historical and physical people, as with the rest of scripture, the... [read more]
  • R____ wrote: Mike I was listening to your talk on divorce, and I was trying to see what was shadowed by God allowing under the terms of the old testament putting away a wife that didn't please a man. Then I saw that when we are in the church, we go from wife (church) to wife (church) when we do... [read more]