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  • Hi Mike, I really enjoyed your study ever present help, tongues and tithing. It is a challenge to break tradition but the freedom is definitely worth it. I would never of thought that "I" had an idol of the heart! Huge encouragement and enjoy the fruit from it already. Cheers and many thanks. J____ ... [read more]
  • Hello Mike, I read your paper on Strong delusion, and it was such a revelation to me. I actually know that I had run into truth. I guess my question is why can't I refrain from certain sin in my life? Am I demon possessed? I am a born again Christian filled with the holy Spirit but go into such d... [read more]
  • Posted June 12, 2005 T____ wrote: Mike, I want to thank the lord of glory (the God of all comfort) for his comforting words from the the true, able ministers of the spirit (intoxication) of the new wine put in NEW WINE SKINS. Our father in heaven, the GIVER of every PERFECT Gift (HEAVENLY), in whom... [read more]