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  • Dear Mike, I am reading over your article, The Head of Christ is God, and going on the assumption that you appreciate comments from readers like me, I would like to share my view about Adam and Eve with you. It could be that I am too sheltered, but I have not come across this view of mine about God... [read more]
  • Hi, Hope you're well and your family, too. I couldn't find an answer to my question on your website. Who was Cain's wife? I know it says he found her in the land of Nod, east of Eden "out of the presence of the Lord", which would mean that Adam and Eve lived in the presence of the Lord in Eden (out ... [read more]
  • I enjoy your bible teaching. I would like to know who is Satan's seed as in Gen 3:15. I believe it to be Cain. I think the sin in the garden was sexual, and Eve conceived fraternal twins by two fathers, Satan and Adam . It seems that Satan has tried to destroy God's plan from the beginning. Who do ... [read more]