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  • Hi Mike, I'm sure you are quite busy, but I just came across James 4:5, and when you have some time, it would be great to hear your thoughts. I was amazed to see that James 4:5 had so many different translations. New International Version: "Or do you think Scripture says without reason that he... [read more]
  • Dear Mike, I am seeking the Truth about the matter of Godly jealousy and welcome your correction and counsel. I think the issue is more internal within me, given my history of extreme competitiveness, rather than a "systemic" issue. I also have been the recipient of envy from physical family. This... [read more]
  • L____ wrote: Hi Mike, My family and I studied this weekend "After the Counsel of His Own Will" which we enjoyed so much.   Thank you so much.  I am learning to accept whatever God's Will is. Mike, I would like to know what is an infidel, and what is the difference between ... [read more]