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  • Dear Mike, I'm not sure, but is it okay to give presents at birthdays and christmas. I think not, but would feel REALLY out of place, probably lose my wife of 37 yrs, if I didn't. I think the kids would understand it's a burden at Christmas. I don't do the shopping, I only get my wife something. H... [read more]
  • Hi, Mike, What truth is the apostasy talking about? Who is the man of sin/ lawlessness and the son of perdition? I must have been 5 yrs. off and on with these. please help, S____ Hi S____, Thank you for your question. You ask: "What truth is the apostasy talking about? Who is the man of sin/ lawless... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, This is not an attack by the way, just forward questioning. Who are you? Your website doesn't even say anything about you besides that you can come over to your house for a bible study. If all you do is build a website and build a theology and express your knowledge in God why should I wan... [read more]
  • Hi. I attempted to read your article on the meaning of fornication. Unfortunately, because I am auditory learner, and your article had so many words, I'm still lost as to the meaning of fornication. Would you please break it down simply for me? Thank you. S_______ Thank you for your question. In s... [read more]