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  • by Larry Groenewald - write to Larry at glgroenewald@ gmail. com for further questions or comments Hi Mike, Thank you, Mike, for this blessing study of the book of Job. If you have time, I was interested in a deeper understanding of this part as prompted by a question by a brother in Christ: Jo... [read more]
  • Mike: One thing. You mentioned that the lake of fire is not the easy way out. I know you are right but in what way? If I am not elect, then I go through the lake of fire which is not something anyone is looking forward to. But going through judgment now isn't easy either. So is one more intense or w... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, Thanks for answering my question. I re- read the article you gave. I'm assuming the two verses I mentioned must have used a non- aion word for 'eternal' to make it into Young's literal? 1) Regarding the question about 2Pe 2 discussion of certain individuals being 'destroyed' instead of puni... [read more]