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  • Grace and Peace Tour - Part 3 Eph 1:2 Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. Last week we ended the review of our tour as we were about to leave Perth, Western Australia, for Bahrain. We were going there to meet with our beloved brother and sister in Chris... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, Very insightful on your site IWWB, love your "FAQs". Those are deepest the truth I ever seen. Maybe this may sound dumb to you of my question. I'm not sure if my letter is valuable to you. If you think this is unnecessary to answer or is a waste of time, just let me know and ignore my qu... [read more]
  • A Biblical Perspective of Glenn Beck’s Book Overton Window Hi again Mike, A guy who I work with thought I might like reading Glenn Beck's novel The Overton Window. I knew that I no longer wanted to focus on conspiracy theories even if some of it is probably true. Scanning the book, some tho... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, I would like to utilize you as a 'sounding board' regarding my thoughts on this scripture below (Php 1:12-18). It is a scripture that has been on my mind of late, and I have been meditating on it as well as studying it in the context of the sum of thy words is truth. Your comments are welc... [read more]