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  • The Scriptural Meanings Behind the Word Perfect by Steve Crook I feel led to share with you all a few points that stuck out in my mind as I was reading emails recently, and I hope what is said can be used to edify, exhort and comfort where needed and as the Lord wills it. Everything I am going to... [read more]
  • Sir, I've just come across this idea when searching for alternative interpretation of the afterlife for those who did not accept God because, to me, it just didn't seem just that God should punish those who choose not to serve him since they had no choice in their existence. It is not like we sig... [read more]
  • D____ wrote: I just bought the New Testament Englishman's Greek Concordance coded with Strong's numbers. When Strong lists several entires of what Aionios means, how do I know which entry was meant for Aionios? Mat 18:8  Wherefore1161 if1487 thy4675 hand5495 or2228 thy4675 foot4228 offend4624 ... [read more]
  • J____ wrote: Hi Mike, 1) In one of your Internet posts, you say that the "END of this AION" IS the "coming of Christ". Then in your latest DVD, you state the opposite. You say it has nothing to do with the coming of Christ. Can you please explain that to me? 2) If "this OLAM/ AION" is the natural li... [read more]