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  • [Below are the scriptures used by Willard Rogers in his dissertation entitled "Let Your Light Shine" - the last conference teaching he made before his death. Our thanks to Tony Cullen for playing the audio for us during his 'Teacher's Choice" aired June 22, 2020. Audio will be added after it is also... [read more]
  • I know you are very busy. But it is such a relief to FINALLY have someone who has been shown the same things I have! Thank you Jesus! I am stealing time here and there to read more of your entries, I have not yet found an answer: Do you believe it is necessary to speak in tongues? Also, I have not ... [read more]
  • Dear Mike, I read your article on strong delusion(maturity article), and I was quite impacted by it. I have this question to ask. What, then, do we need to do to grow unto maturity? We have a home fellowship, and my desire is that people will have an encounter with the living word and grow unto matu... [read more]