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  • Mike, I had a dream a few days ago, that was interesting but I have no idea what it was supposed to mean, so I'm hoping you could shed some light on this. I had a dream that I was riding in a vehicle in the mountains. I was the passenger in this vehicle, and the person driving was driving erratic an... [read more]
  • Audio Links Download Part 1 [audio:http://iswasandwillbe.com/audio/FloweryBranch/Book_of_Revelation/Revelation_11_7_14.mp3] Download Part 2 [audio:http://iswasandwillbe.com/audio/FloweryBranch/Book_of_Revelation/Revelation_11_7_14_P2.mp3] Video Links Download Part 1 [jwplayer config... [read more]
  • Audio Links Download Part 1 [audio:http://iswasandwillbe.com/audio/Indianapolis/Hosea_The_Lord_And_His_Church.mp3] Video Links Download Part 1 [jwplayer config="Out-of-the-Box" file="http://iswasandwillbe.com/video/AVI/Indianapolis/Hosea_The_Lord_And_His_Church.avi"] Hosea – The Lord and... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, Will Jesus return in a 'literal' way, so that every physical eye will see Him, or are these passages speaking of a symbolic or figurative return? (Matt. 24:27-31 and Act 1:9-11) Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. J____ Hi J____, The answer to that question is that, as surely as... [read more]