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  • Hello Mike, I have a question about the "keeping of days".  I have read the emails and responses about this subject on your site, and I agree with everything that has been said. I see the need to end participation in these "traditions of men" as I have done in the past (and I want to stop, too). It... [read more]
  • Hello Mike, I read the email you received concerning "days, months, times and years", and I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. If I am wrong in my perspective, I would appreciate any correction. We are to try the spirits [1Jn 4:1], and when we do that we are proving them [1Th 5:21]. In Jo... [read more]
  • Mike, I have a question for you. Many say that there is great significance in 2 Peter 3:8 when considering that from Adam to Christ was 4000 years and that from Christ to now is a little over 3000 years, or the third day. This seems plausible in that three is the number of the process of spiritual ... [read more]