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  • Mike, I was asking the question, "Why do we have money in our world?" and I came across socialism. In socialism, everybody would have free access to the goods and services designed to directly meet their needs and there need be no system of payment for the work that each individual contributes to pr... [read more]
  • Grateful For Revelation Series Hi Mike, Thank you for the latest installment on the book of Revelation, it was so timely and helpful! I could have never believed or internalized that message not so very long ago! As you had mentioned in a tape at one time, we are being made to learn to rul... [read more]
  • A____ wrote: Mike, in Mat 23 are the things Jesus is saying about the scholars and Pharisees the same words he would have for the Pastors and Catholic Priests of today?  If yes, then how do they respond when they are confronted with this fact?  Obviously they deny it, but how exactly do th... [read more]
  • Hi M____, Thank you for your question, and thank you for your conclusion to your question. You ask: "So, outside of that, what more can we do,  hope or pray for in order to effectually change, have impact on, or expect to have any different outcome at all other than "God's will be done" already... [read more]
  • Good Morning Mike...  I hope that you find time to look into this... I am at a loss as to what to say to M____.... how to explain... Help!!!  Below is [ part of] an email discussion on a paper I sent to my friend M____. It is the paper by J. Preston Eby... re: the First and Last Adam. Th... [read more]
  • If you have a second, could you give me quick thoughts on 1Co 9 (the chapter)? Thanks, M____ Hi M___ Your question is, in essence, should we have career ministers? No one denies that they which minister about holy things live of the things of the temple, and they which wait at the altar are partak... [read more]
  • Hey Mike, Could you give me some insight about the parable of the ten virgins. God Bless you!! J____ Sure J____, The five wise symbolize those who are chosen out of the many called. The five foolish symbolize the many called. Percentages are not the subject here. Lack of God's spirit is what is in... [read more]