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  • Audio Download Ezekiel 12:1-28  A Remnant Shall be Saved [Study Aired April 8, 2024] Introduction Today’s study continues with the Lord’s decision to judge the city of Jerusalem with its temple for the sins they continued to commit. This was revealed to Ezekiel as He was asked by the Lord to dem... [read more]
  • Audio Download The Book of Micah - Part 2, Micah 2:1-13 [Study Aired March 2, 2024] In the study of the first chapter of Micah, we saw that he prophesied the coming destruction of Israel. Not only to Israel, representing God's model nation purposely defiled, but inclusive of humanity, both partie... [read more]
  • Audio Download Conscience – Summary, Part 16 [Study Aired February 17, 2024] Following is a list of the fifteen primary shades of our conscience studied in this series. Further subtleties of the generic “Evil Conscience” could be generalised and further identified. Either way, they, too, will be ... [read more]
  • Audio Download Rev 4:6-7 The Four Beasts - Part 2B In our last study we covered the first two of five differences between the descriptions of the four beasts of Ezekiel one and Ezekiel 10. In this study we will cover the last three of those differences. Third Difference: The feet of the cherub... [read more]