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  • Mike, Is Babylon Christ's body? Thanks, J____ Hi J____, Thank you for your question. The answer is absolutely not! Babylon is God's divorced wife, she is "the bondwoman... and her son", she is the seven churches of Rev 2-3, she is Jerusalem which now is and is in bondage with her childr... [read more]
  • Mike, I sent this friend of mine your paper on divorce and remarriage from: THE LAW OF MOSES VERSUS THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT: How the New Covenant Differs from the Old....... Change #3 on the paper. He writes back this question: (which I thought you answered in the paper) ..."this is how marriage was t... [read more]
  • Sir, I am a fairly new believer in salvation for everyone. I have a very important question that has been bothering me. I am currently married to a "Christian." When I told him of my new beliefs, he basically told me that it was all false and I should be careful not to be led astray. He also told me... [read more]
  • Dear Mike, Thank you very much for your well presented and uplifting message. The word of God flows and harmonizes when seen in the light of God's purpose and will. God is indeed sovereign in all things. It took me many days to go through your message, and I took many notes for myself. I was blesse... [read more]