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  • by Steve Crook Often times since being given the faith of Christ that I have now been given, I am asked a question that tends to boggle folks' minds when answered with the Word of God. "So, what happens when we die?" Oh, the dreaded “D” word! Not damn or dang, but death. Dying, the inevitable trut... [read more]
  • Hey Mike, Thanks for the understanding. I'm learning more and more each day. I was taught some of what you said but not broken down like that. It really is true how so many people even me at a point did not look at Christ as something to desire. It's so amazing how wonderful he is though. Me rejec... [read more]
  • "While salvation certainly was secured for all men through the finished work of Christ while He was on the cross, what that 'finished' work accomplished is that now, in spirit, Christ can live His life in us. We can now "fill up in our flesh that which is behind of the sufferings of Christ." It i... [read more]