Revelation 7:1-3 – Part 5 – What Is The Seal of Our God?

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Rev 7:1  And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.
Rev 7:2  And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea,
Rev 7:3  Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.


I concluded last week’s study anticipating being able to discuss the spiritual significance of the144,000 from the 12 tribes of Israel this week. But there is one very significant word in these first three verses of this chapter for which we have not yet given the scriptures revealing its meaning. That one word is the word ‘sealed.’ There is also a type of Christ in Jer 32 which is sealed with a seal, and we need to consider what is revealed there so we can understand what we are being told here in Rev 7. We simply must understand the spiritual meaning behind this word ‘sealed’, before we can go on into this revelation of Jesus Christ within us. The seven angels are told:

Rev 7:3  … Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.

Before we consider the spiritual significance of the names of the twelve tribes and the 12,000 from each tribe mentioned as being sealed in their foreheads in this chapter, let us first ask what is the seal of God? How are we “sealed”, and finally, what is the purpose for being given the seal of God? If we fail to answer any of these questions, then we will have no clue what is the significance or reason for the four angels waiting to ‘hurt the earth, the sea, and the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads’.

It is equally true that if we forget that we are told we are to “keep the things written therein [ and] live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”, then we will again be clueless as to what is being said and done in this or any other chapter of this revelation of Jesus Christ, within us.

What is the “seal” of our God?

Now let’s look at all the verses which deal with being sealed by God, and see if we can glean an understanding of what it means to be “sealed in our foreheads with the seal of our God”. Last week we saw that the symbolism of the word ‘forehead’ is actually the heart and the mind. How is it then, that we are sealed in our hearts and minds? We saw last week that the “forehead of a whore” is contrasted in scripture with the “forehead” of the “son of man”, who is given “all of God’s Words”. Here is what Jeremiah has to say about our foreheads and about our spiritual estate as long as we continue to cling to the doctrines of Babylon.

Jer 3:3  Therefore the showers have been withholden, and there hath been no latter rain; and thou [ Israel, God’s own people] hadst a whore’s forehead, thou refusedst to be ashamed.

What are “the showers” and the “latter rain” which would distinguish us from having a whore’s forehead? Whatever  this ‘rain’ and these ‘showers’ are, that is what constitutes the “seal in our foreheads” which will distinguish us from the mark that is in the head of a spiritual ‘whore.’

By way of contrast, here is how we are described when we are given to receive the showers and the rain and begin to come out of Babylon and obey God’s Words and no longer be dominated by a whore’s forehead.

Eze 3:8  Behold, I have made thy face strong against their faces, and thy forehead strong against their foreheads.
Eze 3:9  As an adamant harder than flint have I made thy forehead: fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house.

This is what constitutes that  “seal of God”.

Eze 3:10  Moreover he said unto me, Son of man, all my words that I shall speak unto thee receive in thine heart, and hear with thine ears. [ Our minds]

What is the nature of “all [ of God’s] words”? 

Joh 6:63  It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

Spiritual words have spiritual significance. The “seal of God in our foreheads” is the ability to receive Christ’s spiritual Words into our hearts and our minds.

What is the function of “the seal of our God?”

Why does God want to make Ezekiel’s forehead “as an adamant harder than flint… against their foreheads”? Here is why God has given us His seal in our foreheads. This is the seal which is “in our foreheads” if indeed we really are “sealed of our God, in our foreheads”. This is the function of that seal in our foreheads.

Mat 10:17  But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues;
Mat 10:18  And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles.
Mat 10:19  But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak.
Mat 10:20  For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.

Mar 13:11  But when they shall lead you, and deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what ye shall speak, neither do ye premeditate: but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye: for it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Ghost. 

What have we already learned is “the spirit of our Father”? What are those words “the holy spirit will speak through us”? Yes, that is right. Once again, here it is.

Joh 6:63  It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

Here is an example of how the holy spirit uses spiritual words to contrast the mark of God with the mark of the beast:

Rev 14:9  And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
Rev 14:10  The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:  

God’s mark and the beast’s mark are in the same place – the forehead and the hand.

The mark and the seal are one and the same

That’s right, the mark of the beast precedes the mark of God, and the mark of the beast is replaced by the “seal of our God” both in our foreheads and in our hands. Look at what the scriptures reveal about the spiritual location of the mark or seal of God.

Deu 6:6  And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart:
Deu 6:7  And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.
Deu 6:8  And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes. [ hand and forehead]

Deu 11:18  Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for a sign upon your hand, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes.

Is there any man who is not that beast of Rev 14:9? Is there any man who has not had that mark “in his forehead or in his hand”? What answer do the spiritual Words of God give us? 

Ecc 3:18  I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.
Rev 13:16  And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:  

That word “all” has six qualifiers: “both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond.” That leaves out no one. It certainly does not exclude you and me. All of mankind are born with the mark of the beast. That beast rules “the kingdoms of this world”, and all “the kingdoms of this world” are within us all before they are eventually destroyed by the Stone that is “hewn out of the mountain without hands”, which Stone slowly grows until it fills the whole earth and becomes “the kingdom of God [ which] is within you.” 

Dan 2:35  Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshingfloors; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them: and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth.
Luk 17:20  And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:
Luk 17:21  Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Here is another way of saying we are sealed with “all of [ God’s] Words. 

Eph 1:13  In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,

When we see the kingdom of God only as an outward, future kingdom, we simply are not yet “sealed with the holy spirit of promise.” As long as this book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is seen in our hearts and minds dispensationally and outwardly, God will answer us according to the idols of our heart, and we will be denying that the kingdom of God and all the affairs of that kingdom are within us. When we do that we will be judged out of our own mouth, and the kingdom of God for us will be outward and will be only a future event, and it will not be “within you” here and now. All the inward accomplishments of the kingdom of God will become a reality in us only at a later resurrection then. Read and understand.

Luk 17:20  And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:
Luk 17:21  Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
Mat 24:14  And this gospel of the kingdom [ within you] shall be preached in all the world [ within you] for a witness unto all nations [ within you]; and then shall the end come [ within you].
Mat 24:15  When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) 

But does “the end of the world” actually occur within? Is that a Biblical doctrine?

1Co 10:11  Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come. 

Yes, that is what Mat 24 is really all about. That is why Christ made this amazing statement after virtually reviewing the entire book of Revelation there in Mat 24.

Mat 24:33  So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.
Mat 24:34  Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.
Mat 24:35  Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

We have all denied that inward kingdom, and we are all guilty of our Lord’s blood, and we are all “of our father the devil’s” kingdom first. But we don’t remain in that state.

Joh 8:44  Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

This is “an experience of evil” which is common to all men. It is all “laid up in store with God, and it is sealed up among His treasures.” 

Deu 32:30  How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them, and the LORD had shut them up?
Deu 32:31  For their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies themselves being judges.
Deu 32:32  For their vine [ God’s own people who “seek to kill” Christ] is of the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah: their grapes [ are] grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter:
Deu 32:33  Their wine is the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of asps.
Deu 32:34  Is not this laid up in store with me, and sealed up among my treasures?
Deu 32:35  To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.
Deu 32:36  For the LORD shall judge his people, and repent himself for his servants, when he seeth that their power is gone, and there is none shut up, or left.
Ecc 1:13 I applied my heart to inquiring and exploring by wisdom concerning all that is done under the heavens: it is an experience of evil Elohim has given to the sons of humanity to humble them by it. (CLV)

This too, is all within the kingdom of God within you. Here is the New Testament version of Deu 32:34-35.

Rom 2:5  But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God;
Rom 2:6  Who will render to every man according to his deeds:
Rom 2:7  To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life:
Rom 2:8  But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath.

Who among us has not been disobedient and unrighteous before God has drawn us to Him? 

Eph 2:2  Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:
Eph 2:3  Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.
Col 3:5  Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry:
Col 3:6  For which things’ sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:
Col 3:7  In the which ye also walked some time, when ye lived in them.
Col 3:8  But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.

Psa 32:30 says, “Except their Rock had sold them…” and verse 32 says, “the Lord shall judge His people.” So our trials are never the independent work of Satan working with a supposedly free will any more than you or I are capable of working with a will that is free of God’s guiding hand in “all things”.  It is “the Lord [ who] has shut them up”. It is the Lord Himself who is judging us even now, “in the day of wrath and revelation…” and who “Himself fights against us”, all at His appointed time, here and now in this life.

So the purpose for “sealing the servants of our God in their foreheads” before the angels are allowed to “hurt the earth the sea, and the trees” is not to avoid the hurting of the earth, sea and trees, but rather to prepare the heart of the earth, sea and trees to receive the judgments which are about to be poured out upon the earth, seas and trees within us. Those judgments are “all my words…” Those judgments themselves are a part of “every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” (Mat 4:4). They are unrelenting, and not one word will be unfulfilled.

Mat 4:4  But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. 

They are “the things written therein”, and it is a comforting blessing of the scriptures to know that our trials are all to be lived out in these earthen vessels of clay. 

Rom 15:4  For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.

2Co 4:7  But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

Rev 1:3  Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time [ is] at hand.  

It is to be counted a blessing that we now know that God Himself will fight against us while we are in opposition to His Words, and it is at His words that we all go into Babylon. Even our days in Babylon were predestined.

Jer 21:4  Thus saith the LORD God of Israel; Behold, I will turn back the weapons of war that are in your hands, wherewith ye fight against the king of Babylon, and against the Chaldeans, which besiege you without the walls, and I will assemble them into the midst of this city. [ Within you and me]
Jer 21:5  And I myself will fight against you with an outstretched hand and with a strong arm, even in anger, and in fury, and in great wrath.
Jer 21:6  And I will smite the inhabitants of this city, both man and beast: they shall die of a great pestilence.
Jer 21:7  And afterward, saith the LORD, I will deliver Zedekiah king of Judah, and his servants, and the people, and such as are left in this city from the pestilence, from the sword, and from the famine, into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and into the hand of their enemies, and into the hand of those that seek their life: and he shall smite them with the edge of the sword; he shall not spare them, neither have pity, nor have mercy.

While these words all sound so dire to the world and to the natural man within us all, it is comforting to the new man of the spirit to know that he has been sealed before these trials begin, and his old man has been predestined to be destroyed, and his new man will come out of Babylon and will eventually reclaim the land for the service of the new temple.

But the sealing of the servants of our God in their foreheads before the hurting of the earth, sea and trees is only for those who come out of Babylon and return to the land and the service of the new temple. It is all “sealed up among Christ’s treasures” (Deu 32:34). Being sealed first prepares our earth, sea and trees to be hurt of  “the four winds of the earth”. It is God Himself who will be fighting against our old man; that is, “treasuring up in ourselves wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God.” Being sealed and being prepared first is the “revelation of the righteous judgment of God”. It is also an essential part of the revelation of Jesus Christ within us. That is why we are told:

Rev 1:3  Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand. 

The significance of those who are “sealed in their foreheads” before the angels are allowed to hurt the earth, sea and trees is explained by the sealing of the redemption of the inheritance of Jeremiah in Jer 32. This “redemption of the inheritance” could only be done by the near of kin. It could not be done by any who were not related in some way.

Lev 25:24  And in all the land of your possession ye shall grant a redemption for the land.
Lev 25:25  If thy brother be waxen poor, and hath sold away [ some] of his possession, and if any of his kin come to redeem it, then shall he redeem that which his brother sold. 

Christ’s entire inheritance is also in us, His saints.

Eph 1:17  That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:
Eph 1:18  The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,

Keep these verses in mind later when we read about Jeremiah being given the commission of redeeming the land of his kinsman. Redemption had to be done by near kin. In other words, if Christ were not the “son of Adam”, then Christ would have been legally unqualified to redeem Adam’s children. Christ tells us that His Father sent Him to redeem mankind, and He also tells us “as my Father has sent me even so have I sent you.”

Joh 20:21  Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.

The name ‘Christ ‘ means ‘anointed.’ So we are also said to be  ‘anointed of God.”

2Co 1:21  Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God;


We are scripturally called the Lord’s “Christ.” 

Act 4:26  The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord, and against his Christ.
Rev 11:15  And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

Rev 12:10  And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them [” His Christ“] before our God day and night.

In Christ we are even called “saviors.”

Oba 1:21  And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD’S.

“The kingdom shall be the Lords”, but the book of Revelation adds “The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ.” We are told in 1Co 6 that as Christ’s christ, we are the ones who will “judge the mount of Esau” and the whole world. 

1Co 6:2  Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?  

It is the saints who are “ our brothers [ who are] accused day and night before our God.” They are “His Christ” – our Lord’s Christ.
Today we will see that it is as “our brothers” that we are also the next of kin, and as we are in Christ and as Christ’s christ.

We are also Biblically and scripturally called redeemers.

Lev 25:25  If thy brother be waxen poor, and hath sold away some of his possession, and if any of his kin come to redeem it, then shall he redeem that which his brother sold.

We have all been spiritually poor and spiritually “sold under sin”. We have all spiritually sold our inheritance for a “bowl of red pottage”.  

Gen 25:29  And Jacob sod pottage: and Esau came from the field, and he was faint:
Gen 25:30  And Esau said to Jacob, Feed me, I pray thee, with that same red pottage; for I am faint: therefore was his name called Edom.
Gen 25:31  And Jacob said, Sell me this day thy birthrigh t.
Gen 25:32  And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me?
Gen 25:33  And Jacob said, Swear to me this day; and he sware unto him: and he sold his birthright unto Jacob.
Gen 25:34  Then Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentiles; and he did eat and drink, and rose up, and went his way: thus Esau despised his birthright.
Rom 7:14  For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin. 

But God has sent our own elder brother, Christ, to redeem us from the taskmaster of sin, under whom we have been sold. This function of “the Christ” is revealed to us in Jer 32.
God promises to “redeem Jacob” in Jer 31.

Jer 31:10  Hear the word of the LORD, O ye nations, and declare it in the isles afar off, and say, He that scattered Israel will gather him, and keep him, as a shepherd doth his flock.
Jer 31:11  For the LORD hath redeemed Jacob, and ransomed him from the hand of him that was stronger than he.  

When will this redemption take place? The answer in here in this same chapter. 

Jer 31:31  Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:
Jer 31:32  Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the LORD:
Jer 31:33  But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.    

It is those of the “new covenant” who are to be “the kinsmen redeemer” of all their brothers who are not yet redeemed. How and by whom the Lord will do that is revealed in the next chapter. He does so through a “kinsmen redeemer”, and it is in Christ that you and I, God’s firstfruit harvest and His 144,000 who are the blessed and holy few of the first resurrection, who are chosen by God to redeem our brothers.

Jer 32:1  The word that came to Jeremiah from the LORD in the tenth year of Zedekiah king of Judah, which was the eighteenth year of Nebuchadrezzar.
Jer 32:2  For then the king of Babylon’s army besieged Jerusalem: and Jeremiah the prophet was shut up in the court of the prison, which was in the king of Judah’s house.
Jer 32:3  For Zedekiah king of Judah had shut him up, saying, Wherefore dost thou prophesy, and say, Thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will give this city into the hand of the king of Babylon, and he shall take it;
Jer 32:4  And Zedekiah king of Judah shall not escape out of the hand of the Chaldeans, but shall surely be delivered into the hand of the king of Babylon, and shall speak with him mouth to mouth, and his eyes shall behold his eyes;
Jer 32:5  And he shall lead Zedekiah to Babylon, and there shall he be until I visit him, saith the LORD: though ye fight with the Chaldeans, ye shall not prosper.
Jer 32:6  And Jeremiah said, The word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
Jer 32:7  Behold, Hanameel the son of Shallum thine uncle shall come unto thee, saying, Buy thee my field that is in Anathoth: for t he right of redemption is thine to buy it.

“The son of… thine uncle” is what we would call a first cousin. As Hanameel’s first cousin Jeremiah was qualified to redeem his uncle’s son’s field in Anathoth. It is as our near kinsman that Christ is qualified as our Redeemer.

Jer 32:8  So Hanameel mine uncle’s son came to me in the court of the prison according to the word of the LORD, and said unto me, Buy my field, I pray thee, that is in Anathoth, which is in the country of Benjamin: for the right of inheritance  is thine, and the redemption is thine; buy it for thyself. Then I knew that this was the word of the LORD.

This is all “the word of the Lord” for each of us to better understand what is our calling. 

Jer 32:9  And I bought the field of Hanameel my uncle’s son, that was in Anathoth, and weighed him the money, even seventeen shekels of silver.

How many times in scripture does silver redeem one’s life from death? Silver was paid for Joseph’s life. A census was not to be taken until a silver temple tax was paid for every male in Israel. When David failed to do so, thousands died. Silver was paid for our Lord as our near kinsman redeemer. 

Jer 32:10  And I subscribed the evidence, and sealed it, and took witnesses, and weighed him the money in the balances.
Jer 32:11  So I took the evidence of the purchase, both that which was sealed according to the law and custom, and that which was open:
Jer 32:12  And I gave the evidence of the purchase unto Baruch the son of Neriah, the son of Maaseiah, in the sight of Hanameel mine uncle’s son, and in the presence of the witnesses that subscribed the book of the purchase, before all the Jews that sat in the court of the prison.
Jer 32:13  And I charged Baruch before them, saying,
Jer 32:14  Thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; Take these evidences, this evidence of the purchase, both which is sealed, and this evidence which is open; and put them in an earthen vessel, that they may continue many days. 

This is all a part of the revelation of Jesus Christ in our lives as we are sealed by our God to be judged and redeemed by our older brother Christ, and in turn we become the redeemers of all the rest of our brothers. But those sealed documents remain “in an earthen vessel… many days” while all of this takes place during the time of our judgment in exile in Babylon.

Jer 32:24  Behold the mounts, they are come unto the city to take it; and the city is given into the hand of the Chaldeans, that fight against it, because of the sword, and of the famine, and of the pestilence: and what thou hast spoken is come to pass; and, behold, thou seest [ it].
Jer 32:25  And thou hast said unto me, O Lord GOD, Buy thee the field for money, and take witnesses; for the city is given into the hand of the Chaldeans.
Jer 32:26  Then came the word of the LORD unto Jeremiah, saying,
Jer 32:27  Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?
Jer 32:28  Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, I will give this city into the hand of the Chaldeans, and into the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon, and he shall take it:
Jer 32:29  And the Chaldeans, that fight against this city, shall come and set fire on this city, and burn it with the houses, upon whose roofs they have offered incense unto Baal, and poured out drink offerings unto other gods, to provoke me to anger.
Jer 32:30  For the children of Israel and the children of Judah have only done evil before me from their youth: for the children of Israel have only provoked me to anger with the work of their hands, saith the LORD.
Jer 32:31  For this city hath been to me as a provocation of mine anger and of my fury from the day that they built it even unto this day; that I should remove it from before my face,
Jer 32:32  Because of all the evil of the children of Israel and of the children of Judah, which they have done to provoke me to anger, they, their kings, their princes, their priests, and their prophets, and the men of Judah, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
Jer 32:33  And they have turned unto me the back, and not the face: though I taught them, rising up early and teaching them, yet they have not hearkened to receive instruction.
Jer 32:34  But they set their abominations in the house, which is called by my name, to defile it.
Jer 32:35  And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.
Jer 32:36  And now therefore thus saith the LORD, the God of Israel, concerning this city, whereof ye say, It shall be delivered into the hand of the king of Babylon by the sword, and by the famine, and by the pestilence; 

It is only a fraction of those in captivity who come out of Babylon and return to the land to rebuild the wall of the city in dire circumstances and to rebuild the temple and serve our Lord.  

Jer 32:37  Behold, I will gather them out of all countries, whither I have driven them in mine anger, and in my fury, and in great wrath; and I will bring them again unto this place, and I will cause them to dwell safely:
Jer 32:38  And they shall be my people, and I will be their God:
Jer 32:39  And I will give them one heart, and one way, that they may fear me for ever, for the good of them, and of their children after them:
Jer 32:40  And I will make an everlasting covenant with them, that I will not turn away from them, to do them good; but I will put my fear in their hearts, that they shall not depart from me. [“A new covenant” Jer 31;31]
Jer 32:41  Yea, I will rejoice over them to do them good, and I will plant them in this land assuredly with my whole heart and with my whole soul.
Jer 32:42  For thus saith the LORD; Like as I have brought all this great evil upon this people, so will I bring upon them all the good that I have promised them.
Jer 32:43  And fields shall be bought in this land, whereof ye say, It is desolate without man or beast; it is given into the hand of the Chaldeans.
Jer 32:44  Men shall buy fields for money, and subscribe evidences, and seal them, and take witnesses in the land of Benjamin, and in the places about Jerusalem, and in the cities of Judah, and in the cities of the mountains, and in the cities of the valley, and in the cities of the south: for I will cause their captivity to return, saith the LORD.

We are being called to be both saviors and redeemers. Here is this system as described in the New Testament. Here is the way by which it is all to be accomplished: 

Rom 11:30  For as ye in times past have not believed God, yet have now obtained mercy through their unbelief:
Rom 11:31  Even so have these also now not believed, that through your mercy they also may obtain mercy.
Rom 11:32  For God hath concluded them all in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all.
Rom 11:33  O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable [ are] his judgments, and his ways past finding out!
Rom 11:34  For who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been his counsellor?
Rom 11:35  Or who hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again?
Rom 11:36  For of him, and through him, and to him, [ are] all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen.


We have seen that the “seal of our God” is the ability to receive and accept the spiritual words which are behind the letter of the words of our God.
We have seen that the function of receiving “the seal of our God” is to give us the ability to witness for our Lord, and to answer any question “in that hour” when the need arises.
We have learned that the mark and seal of God are one and the same. We also learned that the mark of the beast is also in the forehead and hand and serves the same function of speaking for the beast; 

Rev 13:5  And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty [ and] two months.
Rev 13:6  And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

We have seen that we are the christ of Christ, and we are also called ‘redeemers.’ “As Christ is so are we” 1Jn 4:17. We have seen that as Christ is our “kinsman” redeemer, we too, having our time in Adam and being in Christ, are also “saviors” and ‘kinsman redeemers’ for all who are cast into the lake of fire. God sent Christ to save this world, and Christ plainly tells us: 

Joh 20:21  Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.

Next week, Lord willing, we will discover who the 144,000 who are sealed in their foreheads are.




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