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All our family in the Christ

  1. For all who are drawn “to this place” seeking the Truth, in study and fellowship, comfort, encouragement and admonition, and to be active members on the studies and fellowship calls and emails as the Lord allows
  2. For consistency and desire to stay in the Word
  3. For our African brethren’s wellbeing and safety, struggling with daily needs and with a severe drought in Kenya now as well as protests in the land
  4. For labourers, and for strength to endure, for the mind of Christ, the faith of Christ, and strength to resist temptation
  5. For our loved ones, for their protection in these violent and ungodly times

Marvin and Edika Acha

  1. For MJ with obstructive sleep apnea and surgery being scheduled for April 5 to relieve him of the issue
  2. For favour and discernment as they are looking to buy a house as the Lord will
  3. For a healthy pregnancy, now with issues keeping her blood glucose levels in an acceptable level more and more as the baby grows
  4. For diligence studying and success passing certification that they both have to do in June with praise for the 1st one passed by Edika March 25
  5. For favour for Marvin with an interview on March 10 for an IT position that is suitable to his talents

Ato Barnes

  1. For favour for beneficial contracts for work that will sustain him and his family

James Bernini

  1. For good outcome with his insurance claims after a car wreck and also a healthy neck and an available chiropractor to alleviate the pain
  2. Praise that this house foreclosure gone wrong should be resolved in the next month or so (as of March 15)  with his money tied up in that house which should not have been put on foreclosure

Donna Carlisle

  1. For health and strength with breathing problems and tiredness and other chronic issues that are recently worse, even after a visit to see the pulmonary specialist on March 10 with instruction to try new medicines that she cannot afford as her insurance will not cover them and another appointment on March 31 with her primary care doctor for a follow up, also suffering also with depression, and for patience and a long-suffering spirt while living in North Carolina with her daughter Tanya, with petition to move back to Mobile Alabama if it is the Lord’s will.

Jim Carnevale

  1. For Jim who needs extensive dental work and oral surgery, for the finances and time needed as well as the healing, as well as his healing from this current respiratory infection
  2. For his 90 year old mom going blind and having to deal with an Asian Beatle invasion, for wisdom and protection, especially as his sister Cathy will not visit so she is also lonely
  3. For the whole family with their many challenges and for Jim for wisdom and strength in dealing with these challenges
  4. For his sister Chris and adult daughter Klaire, for a healed relationship
  5. For wisdom regarding his stock market trading and investments and work situation, and tax issues 
  6. Praise: for friend Randy Russell who has undergone a bone marrow transplant and after several recent tests was told he is now cancer free (as of March 29), for his continued strength and healing

Michael Charles

  1. For safe travels to Atlanta this weekend for a wedding on Saturday and fellowship with Mike & Sandi on Sunday

Ryan & Rachel Copeland

  1. For the family through their health trials, and that Ryan and Rachel can be examples to their kids on how to trust in the Lord through trials, big and small
  2. For consistency and persistence with their home schooling efforts

Steven Crook

  1. For son Michael who attempted suicide – for his healing, as well as discernment for Steven and Angie dealing with it
  2. For Steven losing his sense of smell after a bout with Covid, as well as a shoulder and elbow injury that has not healed even after several months still with pain and lack of sleep, and also for the opportunity to fellowship as well as feed the flock regularly and soon if it is the Lord’s will for this meat in due season

Tony & Gale Cullen

  1. For Tony’s sister’s husband Lawrence who is diagnosed with lung and thyroid cancer, for comfort and healing; and for Marlene and their son Levi to also be strengthened through this trial, that it all may drag them closer to our Lord
  2. Praise For Tony for a full time job that starts April 3, for success there
  3. For Gale’s sister Deb and husband Ron who need to find a place to live before the end of May and that Deb and her daughter Melissa are able to secure good jobs

David Duran

  1. Praise for the blessing received so that house renovations can be done
  2. Now a massage therapist, for business success both leasing and having lots of clients working from the ground up, and to be very studious and to pass his State exam for certification and for the funds to take it
  3. For the effort and time needed to finish his Spanish degree to enhance his massage therapist career
  4. For a good paying job now that his dad has loaned him his car with praise that a neighbour has a barter with him to clean up his yard to pay for a part needed
  5. For good time and money management, to be organized and energized in his day to day, and for good sleep feeling overwhelmed lately

James East

  1. Praise that his kidneys continue to improve (creatinine levels down from 9 to 5) as well as the insurance company confirming they would cover all hospital costs and that he can now walk unassisted; also that he and his grandfather Jerry are eating healthy, for complete healing

Paulette Erskine

  1. For her husband Leslie to come to the knowledge of Christ and desire Him and to be dragged to Him with Paulette, if it is God’s will in this age, as well as her older sister Myrna  to be dragged, who also dealing with left eye pain, for her healing 
  2. For her niece’s husband Wally who had a stroke on March 16, for his healing
  3. For her son in law’s mother Veneta diagnosed with uterine cancer, for her healing

Donald Evans

  1. Praise for the incremental healing felt from a bout of flu so he can go to work; continued prayers for strength and faith through his ongoing persecutions and financials setbacks

Priscilla Gikaru

  1. For her kombucha business that she wishes to expand with new marketing ideas including at home training as the nutritional benefits of kombucha are not well known, and for wisdom and patience through the process if this is God’s will as well as discernment for how to proceed working with a business partner that has not yet paid her
  2. For her mom whose health is declining, for her comfort and healing and for her family who live with her and take care of her

Jonathan Gonzalez

  1. Continued prayers for success with his used car parts business with the diligence and time management skills he needs; also for Ruth as she is going to try to help him by building a database for him for his inventory, for her success
  2. For his sister Dora seeking spiritual answers, for her growth 
  3. For a healed relationship with his daughters and especially wisdom and patience with his 14 year old daughter Isabella, and cooperation to see them from their mother
  4. For Ilda suffering with hip and back pain ‘in her kidneys’, headache and tinnitus, for her healing, now safely in Dallas (having left March 28) to refill her meds, for safe travels and health 
  5. For business associate Scotty Cairns who had neck surgery March 30 for his wellbeing and healing

Karen Gray

  1. For healing and wellbeing as she is dealing with blood pressure that keeps spiking and for next steps, as well as comfort and healing with chronic back pain, and for her ability to cope as she struggles with a decline in her husband’s mental health with dementia

Roy Guzman

  1. For mercy and a good outcome with both the dental issues Roy needs to deal with as well as some tax issues and for healing from the shoulder immobility he is suffering with
  2. For his wife’s friend Gisela who has suffered a mini stroke at 40 years old, for her complete healing
  3. Continued prayers for the discipline to keep to this regimen of food and exercise and to lose more weight, and better health in all areas of his life including physically and especially spiritually
  4. For his mother Maria who had a stroke, enduring now 6 surgeries in a process to replace her skull with a prosthetic as her own skull is not viable any more, for her health and healing and emotional wellbeing
  5. For his young nieces Abby and Sophia whose parents are in an unpleasant custody battle for them, for their protection and well being

Monday Kanu

  1. For financial means to take care of his household with praise for a contract job in construction for a few months; and for his wife Lillian’s health dealing with high anxiety, for her healing

Aaron Lohman

  1. For strength, endurance, patience and peace dealing with the post-flooding inside their home and trials at work, with praise for the peace given through them
  2. Praise for favour granted with the courts with another hearing on February 8 that was continued to the end of March as he looks for a general contractor to do the necessary work on his house in IN that needs to be raised up to meet the building code, that this role will be fulfilled more than adequately
  3. For Patty’s father John as his memory and physical health is failing, as well as for the appropriate caregivers to be there for him in all he needs
  4. For Aaron’s mom Cathy who dislocated and broke her wrist, for her comfort and healing
  5. For Patty’s brother in law’s brother (Gina husband Alex’s brother) John Jr who is very sick dealing with cancer

Tanya Lowe

  1. For their 4 kids to have enough for housing and food
  2. For Alexa with multiple health issues with which she has been left as a result of Lyme, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and multiple injuries
  3. For Garrett going through trials, that these will drag him closer to our Lord and for his co-worker and friend Bruce with pancreatic cancer for his comfort and healing

Bobby & Eileen Lynch

  1. For continued healing for Bobby who suffers many physical ailments, also with loss of memory, and for Eileen suffering with high blood pressure and headaches especially in the morning, as well as leg and feet pain due to poor circulation and enduring arthritis, and now a pinched nerve and back pain due to poor circulation, as well as low energy. For their overall comfort and peace.

Angela Martinez

  1. For relief, comfort and peace and healing from the many physical afflictions she endures day in and day out, and continued prayers for a very good outcome with a pain management appointment on Tuesday March 28, having had 10 injections and needing to wait up to 10 days to see if it has helped, with some felt success even one day later
  2. Praise for a good caregiver who started March 27, still waiting until Ted can and will retire
  3. For Ted with all the pain he suffers with and still working full time, hoping to retire in the next few weeks or so, if it is the Lord’s will
  4. For their granddaughter Elizabeth’s husband Ryan, suffering with grand Mal seizures affecting his memory and behavior, for their wellbeing and his healing; also for Elizabeth, pregnant but the baby growing outside the uterus, for God’s mercy and healing as they have been trying to have kids for a long while
  5. For her niece Jennifer suffering with depression after her husband died
  6. For niece Deanna who is having financial difficulties with her business that may shut her down, for God’s mercy and provision, also struggling with her health on top of it all and also asking spiritual questions, that she be dragged to our Lord in this age if it is God’s will
  7. Praise for her uncle Alex who was terrified to undergo an emergency hernia operation, who came out of the surgery on March 20th and is doing very well, for his wellbeing and peace and healing
  8. For her aunt Josephine, in her 80s, who has 2 broken vertebrae disks and is in much pain, for her comfort and healing
  9. For daughter Patricia with a bout of the flu for her healing; also with multiple health issues that need to be addressed for her wellbeing, with chest pain, a hernia and needed weight loss, and asking spiritual questions, that she be dragged to our Lord in this age if it is God’s will
  10. For Alex’s son Ryan who is refusing rehab and wreaking havoc in and around their home, for his deliverance and Patricia and Alex’s resolve and protection

Kenny Mattson

  1. For mercy, for a good sleep at night and for healing from a sinus issue that is getting worse over the years

Dan McCoy

  1. For wisdom with the current events going on in his household

John McDowell

  1. Praise for the success given at his newest job in Bradenton Florida, now with another opportunity and promotion that he is pursuing, for his success with what the Lord wills; also with good health and rest;  continued prayers that God will show him favour there along with gratitude for the job and zeal in the Lord’s service with opportunities for fellowship and staying in the Word
  2. For the wisdom to know what to do regarding Jack and visitation rights without anxiety
  3. Praise for the deliverance given from these demons of anxiety and depression, for continued peace and joy

Scott McGregor

  1. Praise for the deliverance from these demons of anxiety and depression that have plagued him for so long
  2. For his wife Gina to come to the knowledge of Christ and desire Him and to be dragged to Him with Scott if it is God’s will in this age
  3. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, for strength to endure and overcome the uncomfortable physical symptoms including chronic constipation, walking issues, disorientation and now developing more pronounced shaking

Dana Mc Intosh

  1. For safe travels for Mona going to St Kits to pick up Skylar and returning home Saturday April 1st to have her spend about 2 weeks with them in T&T
  2. For their son Simon and estranged wife who does not want him being a part of his daughter Skylar’s life, for God’s mercy and softened hearts
  3. For wife Mona also suffering with chronic back pain, for her healing
  4. For Dana’s co-worker Israel who is not well but out of the hospital now as they were not able to do anything for him possibly with a rare blood disorder affecting his kidneys, for his comfort and healing
  5. For his brother in law/cousin Basil with a high PSA count, to be tested for prostate cancer, for his wellbeing and health
  6. For his sister’s grandson Zach who is recovering, now with full kidney function and walking with a cane, back in rehab for heroine use, for his continued healing; and for his mom Angie, and other son Koen still in therapy but back to school now, that these great trials will bring them closer to our Lord
  7. For his friend’s son Kirk who continues to have internal bleeding months after a motorcycle accident for his comfort and healing

Daniel McMorris

  1. For comfort and healing from the congestive heart failure he suffers with, for success with work and for the time and ability to fellowship and study more often

Nicholas Ondari

  1. For a peaceful transition of government with upcoming elections
  2. For sister Jacinta and her two children who have no stable source of income.
  3. For brother Amos’ second hand-shoes business to grow and sustain him, wife and three young children and especially ability to pay school fees.
  4. For sister Anna Basil’s small trading business to grow and generate sustainable income and for her mother who is now out of hospital
  5. For their two daughters and son to get jobs. They have been searching for a long time.
  6. For Nick’s health to continue improving and for the duck raising business to get buyers for eggs and meat

Ernestine Priebe

  1. For John, for his health and wellbeing with osteomyelitis that required surgery on March 14 to remove 2 more infected bones, another found on March 29; also suffering with lower back and hip pain making it mostly impossible to walk even with a walker and chiropractic treatment delayed until the foot is out of the ‘shoe’; also dealing with tooth pain and a tooth that will need to be extracted but is also delayed; for Ernie’s wellbeing, strength and protection driving as well
  2. For John to come to the knowledge of Christ and desire Him and to be dragged to Him with Ernie, if it is God’s will in this age
  3. Continued prayers that Ernie’s eyesight will not degenerate further, with praise that this latest injection on Tuesday February 14  went well with no pain and news that they are stable, continued prayers for total healing
  4. For their grandson David’s girlfriend Ronnie who needs a tumour at the base of her skull to shrink so as to stop the grand mal seizures she is having, for her healing
  5. For 21-year-old granddaughter EB trying again with the ‘smart pill’ as per the colo-recto-surgeon on March 8, prayers for a good outcome with this next step.

Iliana Qoro

  1. Continue prayers for healing and for protection and healing from the effects of having mercury in her mouth (e.g., brain fog etc.) and now with a cataract that isn’t yet scheduled to be removed, for this to happen speedily; and also to be able to get back to her house after the renovations needed there, currently living at her niece’s place

Karen Ramsay

  1. For safe travels and pleasant visit taking grandson Mason to family members in Florida; also for Mason who is being subjected to an unhealthy living arrangement with his mother, with little to no contact with his father and with Karen, for his wellbeing and that Karen will again be granted time with him

Bettie Rogers

  1. For relief and healing from an ailing back
  2. Praise for the purchase of a new car; continued prayers for the best price on her current car that she will now sell
  3. For son Dwayne for his wellbeing, now after being hit by a car in a ‘hit and run’ incident over the weekend, for his healing as he’s refused to go to the hospital to get checked out, with bruises and a swollen wrist
  4. For Tony’s wife Connie recuperating from successful ankle surgery on February 16, for her comfort and healing
  5. For Tony’s superintendent Mark who has leukemia and now has a stem cell donor (his sister), for their health and his healing
  6. For Bettie’s egg and honey vendor Helen who is doing better with several procedures done after a heart surgery injury, for her healing

Vern Ross

  1. Praise for the overcoming recently granted, that it may continue and sleep be granted
  2. For a good report with an upcoming lung CT scan on Tuesday March 28 with praise that the dentist fixed a crown on Monday March 27
  3. Still dealing with some unresolved issues in his new home that need timely resolution, with praise that he has now made contact with someone who seems competent and some work has been accomplished with more to come
  4. Praise for normalized BP without meds, that this continues
  5. Praise that his neighbour Alan had successful surgery to replace a vein in his leg, for his healing and ability to walk normally again, in rehab now until April 15
  6. For daughter Kym dealing with her daughter Sapphyra, that Kym will be given the strength and discernment to deal with any spirit of rebellion and that Sapphyra will be given to overcome; also for Kym to be blessed with a feasible part-time job

Julius St. Bernard

  1. For a good outcome as his painter is taking him to court over refusal to pay above the agreed-to amount with a court date postponed from January 9 as he wasn’t able to get back to Grenada or join on Zoom at that time, rescheduled for a second time, now having to wait until May sometime
  2. For a solution as his house is starting to sink/fall

Ken Smith

  1. For relief from feelings of high anxiety right now

Grant Squelch

  1. Continued prayers for healing from the osteomyelitis especially in his foot/toes, now with GI issues probably associated with the strong antibiotics he is finally finished taking after many weeks; also for a good outcome with appointments with Infectious Diseases specialists on March 20; for the financial means to take care of his household
  2. For his wife Helen to come to the knowledge of Christ and desire Him and to be dragged to Him with Grant, if it is God’s will in this age as well as their friend Ginette
  3. For the desire, strength and ability to give the Lord all wholeheartedly and for wisdom and discernment in His service

Monique Summerton and James Ruppert

  1. Praise – for their engagement announcement and plans to marry on September 23, that the planning will go well, continued prayers for a relationship that glorifies God and serves His Christ 
  2. Praise, for Monique securing a very suitable job as a case management assistant in Rehab that she started March 20, for her success with this as well as her continuing studies at the University there
  3. Praise for the deliverance given for James, being sorely pressed on all sides,
  4. Praise for the strength and faith and hope given through some recent personal and spiritual trials and that God would banish the evil spirits in Monique’s heavens
  5. For Carlos as his pastor has committed suicide, for his peace
  6. For James’ mom Ella undergoing cataract surgery soon, for her wellbeing and healing
  7. For her mother Debbie for a better paying and satisfying job and for the ability to cope with the stresses she feels with so much ‘on her plate’
  8. For James’ co-worker Nathan’s 3 year old son who is suffering with cancer, for his healing and comfort through this great trial

Kenwin Thomas

  1. For healing from a stroke that has affected his eyesight, with his next eye appointment in March for further assessment
  2. For the strength and ability to serve the brethren in the Lord’s service despite the physical afflictions he endures

Ruth Turner

  1. Praise for a consistent acceptable pack rate at work now upped to 114 from 94, and enough work to remain fulltime now with the winter slow-down period upon them; continued prayers for good sleep in order to keep that up
  2. For direction and wisdom regarding what to do for schooling as Amazon will pay for it
  3. For an affordable place to live for herself as well as for her friend Damian also in the same situation, with a possibility to relocate to Flowery Branch for work at Amazon there and then the ability to help Jonathan with the inventory database for work
  4. For relief and healing from the pain in her right shoulder and knee pain
  5. For her co-worker Pablo suffering with nerve damage, for his comfort and healing

Austin and Kat Vinson

  1. For a healthy pregnancy and an end to the morning sickness being experienced
  2. For a successful school year homeschooling the boys; for spiritual wisdom and understanding
  3. For health for the whole family with the kids taking turns being sick, and for the parents’ protection through this season

Lonnie and Sandy Vinson

  1. For Lonnie who has had a mini stroke and had his carotid artery cleaned out in December, after a stent was put in his neck on November 16, for his healing
  2. For Lonnie’s cancer numbers now next to zero and normalized blood sugar levels after more treatment of his returned prostate cancer, for his complete healing
  3. For their son-in-law Steve after a fall from a ladder with two brain bleeds that have stopped he is now back home in Georgia, for his healing now suffering with bouts of anger, for his mental health and for his wife Kim trying to cope
  4. For Sandy with a ruptured disk in her back, for comfort and healing

Mike and Sandi Vinson

  1. For strength in Mike’s voice with many studies per week being broadcast
  2. Praise for successful shoulder replacement surgery March 6th and normalized BP through it all; continued prayers for comfort and healing after the surgery, and especially for heart health, and for her strength through the physio that started the week of March 28 and follow up with surgeon on April 10

Riquard and Carolina Vreekamp

  1. For Riquard for the ability and desire to help Steven with the website if it is the Lords’ will
  2. For Riquard’s friend Herbert and his young family as he has a terminal cancer

Marsha Watson-Hufford

  1. For mercy for her health and especially her eye condition, and for comfort and healing

Adam Wise

  1. Praise: that he has been approved for the apartment he wanted which is only minutes away from his workplace, with a move in on April 8, giving him a couple of weeks to get settled before having to leave where he is staying by the end of April 
  2. For better focus on the spiritual matters

Avo & Sheryl Woroglian

  1. For Aaron as he looks for work; for his wellbeing, provision and perseverance to get settled; as well as discipline for and desire to join in on the studies so available to him
  2. For Aaron’s myocarditis symptoms that have resurfaced and now waiting until June/July for an appointment with a cardiologist, for his health and wellbeing in the meantime, seeking an appointment sooner by looking on his own
  3. For a quick sale of their rental (house) before they need to lock into another 5 years with a mortgage rate
  4. For Sheryl’s sister’s 22 year old son Josh who will be staying with them for a while with praise that his has found a good paying (temporary) job while he looks for on in the mines; and for Avo and Sheryl to be the light of Christ to this young man while there
  5. >For Leah who is having a trial of faith as her boyfriend Michael is seemingly not on the same page, for her strength and conviction and that his heart is softened to received the truth; also for Michael who has MS , for peace and healing and for wisdom to know how best to manage the condition
  6. For friend Kimmi who is sickly and getting worse and worse and as yet still undiagnosed, for healing

Fannie Wright

  1. For granddaughter Amanda’s strength and well-being, pregnant and due to deliver in July, and told in February that the baby will have Down’s Syndrome; and praise that she will not need heart surgery as soon as she is delivered, for the health and well being of all the family and that husband John will be able to secure a good paying job quickly, with Amanda planning to stay home with the two children
  2. For a pleasant time with Amanda & John and Grace this weekend, and for Fannie’s strength and peace
  3. For their sister Peggy’s pastor Brannan who is still recuperating from the stem cell therapy and now may need hip replacement surgery, for his comfort and healing
  4. Praise for her niece Tammy’s father Sandy, 83, with successful open heart surgery on March 14 for a 3rd time, for his comfort and healing now recuperating at home, and for Tammy’s peace and strength being his caregiver
  5. For her neighbour Dennis who accidently shot himself, for his healing
  6. For Fannie dealing with dizzy spells for her protection and healing