The Veil Was Lifted

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You don’t have to respond to this message if you are short on time, but I just wanted to let you know how much the Lord has done for me, through your work and labor of love. I was browsing through your site again today, in the “You Asked” section, and I saw that you had posted a note that I had sent to you back in October of 2004.

In your response to my question, you said, in part, “You may yet be a ‘carnal Christian’, but I think you already know you were made that way for the purpose of being delivered from that condition, not to continue to live in it”. And then you gave me Rom. 8:20-21 to support your answer. On the day I received your email response, I was not even aware that I was going to be ‘delivered from that condition’. I honestly felt that my fate was to be hopelessly and cruelly kept in bondage to the sins of the flesh, and never be able to enjoy the freedom, the peace, the joy, the power and the spiritual insights that you have.

But two or three days later the ‘veil’ started to lift, and the Holy Spirit began to reveal Christ to me in a way I had never thought possible. My King James Bible came alive to me. I determined, through the Spirit, to mortify the deeds of the body. I now know that I am being called out of Babylon and into Sonship. The amazing thing is that all of this has happened in just 3 and one half months!

I Am 65 now, and don’t know how many more years the Lord will give me here, so I am well aware that I must ‘redeem the time because the days are evil’. I am trying to digest as much information as possible from your writings. And I am awaiting instructions from the Lord as to what I should be doing next. As of right now, I hear Him saying, “Study to show yourself approved”. And since I am crucified with Christ, I want to die a little bit each day, and judge myself as God brings things to my awareness. One more thing.

God gave you the perfect scripture to share with me (Rom. 8:20-21). I see Universal Reconciliation written all over it and through it. I never saw that before. May the Lord richly bless you for your faithfulness. Please pray for me. At the moment, I am enjoying my “Honeymoon” with this experience. But, as anyone knows, honeymoons do not last long, and the road of the overcomer is not easy.


Hi R____

Thank you for your words of encouragement. God is doing His work in you. I will be praying for you to be able to “endure to the end… when the sweetness in your mouth turns to bitterness in your belly.”


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