THE GIFTS – Music and Poetry

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Larry and Lyndell Groenewald – Capetown, S.A.

Tony and Gale Cullen – Ontario, Canada
Spiritual Songs (Audio)

John McDowell – Georgia, U.S.

Give Me Jesus Live


The Time Is At Hand

[by Georgie Taylor – Posted May 30, 2017]

As I walked in the cool shade
Of the Woods today
I heard the Cuckoo come out and say
The Time Is At Hand

I listened for him to chime again
But another more distant spoke instead
Cuckoo, he echoed in poetic refrain
The Time Is At Hand

Other voices, too, I heard
Of every kind of bird
Each with his own particular verve
But still, The Time Is At Hand

Undoubtedly there are many voices
In this world full of choices
But only One that rejoices
That The Time Is At Hand

The Voice of Truth
Is never mute!
And not even one other, can ever refute
That The Time Is At Hand

For every winged creature must
Concede its own lust
Which bewrays lack of Trust
In the Time That Is At Hand

Under the Canopy of the Trees
I hear all These
In me
I know The Time Is At Hand

What can I say Lord?
Except Thank You Lord!
For Every Word stored
In The Time That Is At Hand

Thank you Father for this path that leads
Me through these Trees
Thank you for giving me the eyes to see
That The Time Is At Hand

Thank You for making all the Birds
Thank You for causing them all to be heard
Thank You Lord for Every single Word
By which The Time Is Always At Hand

Let all That Love Your Day
In this Day You Made
In The Time That Is At Hand

Psalm 2:12 (King James Version)

Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

Lord, Chasten me not
While you are yet
Sore displeased….With me
For I confess
That I saw that Man again today
The one You’ve told me of…In clothes so gay
He stood right next to You…Yet looked all around the room
And when he touched his wrist, to find his golden band
I watched until he kissed, himself upon the hand
For he was pleased to find, some slightly higher ground
Where he could better show, his expensive taste in clothes
Lord, I see now that he moved, with swiftness to that place
And I recognise the look, which spread upon his face
For when I looked with your eyes, and compared him unto You
You showed me with certainty, that he was not True
Because you are the only Standard…By which to measure Love
You are The True Reflection…Of our Father from above
And Your beauty does surpass…All the rich man has
Please let me stay with you Lord? In safety by your side
That I might quietly rest…And perceive him as he climbs
Let me spy him before he reaches….his hand unto his lips
So that instead of him…It is You only that I kiss

Joy in Oz

[by Georgie Taylor – Posted May 2, 2017 – Written for the fellowship gathering in Australia April, 2017]

The Joy of The Christ is heard in the Southern Hemisphere
Brethren gathering from far and near

The Voice is One, in a multitude
Fervent love, un-subdued

Welling up, flowing out
Causing each stone in Christ to shout!

For the Lord has arrived at the utmost corners
And His presence brings silence upon all scorners

He is in your midst, Saints in Australia!
You are one in Him, in full regalia

Hosannah! The King is in the Land Down Under
And every scattered Saint is filled with wonder

At the goodness of the Lord
Who gives such a feast, a True reward

The People of God

[by Wendy Davison – Posted May 2, 2017]

We, Lord
yes, we, Lord
Are the people of your Temple
But not the fullness thereof

We, Lord
yes, we, Lord
Are the people of your Temple
But not the completion thereof

We, Lord
yes, we, Lord
Are the people of your Temple
But not the All in All thereof

The ‘One’ Is Not Lost

[by Georgie Taylor – Posted February 14, 2017]

Ninety and Nine of all Sheep are not lost
Yet the one that is, He has not forgot
And those who shall make up His Bride
Are like Him, they do not hide
From their own flesh

For The Lord’s Body is one
And time and opportunity must come
To all those who have been given the need
To return to His house and eat
Even to muse upon their Head
And sit with others to eat His bread

At His feast of love
Which does lift the broken above
The loneliness of despair
And enable them to bear
The process of being made new
To receive the dew…of youth

And confess a good confession
Which shall banish all depression
For by judgment each member does
Understand True Love
And give Praise to the Lord
Who gives a new heart to all

A heart of Truth that shall be knit
With The One who Is
Able to mend
With The One who Was
Always our only True friend
With The One who will Be


Written by Tony Cullen – March 2011
[Posted January 13, 2017]

Thinking of your providence which was once thought as time and chance
Cause that brought a circumstance: effects we couldn’t deny

But now we see a bright light; a God of power, a God of might
Who controls the dark and light, and lifts the veil of doubt

Caught between the flesh and light, burning through the sacrifice
That is offered day and night to you our Father of Love

Fill our hearts with gratitude
Help us see all that you do
And never let us take your mercy for granted!

Bridge the darkness of our hearts
With songs of praise and joyful shouts
Guide us to that holy mount where we can see your face!

Narrow is the path we know that only Christ can lead us through
And we are shepherds with your Love shed abroad in our hearts

Help us see the brighter side of the pillar through the night
Tribulations that subside and leave us with your peace

In a moment we’ll arise: a sea of glass that’s full of fire
Transparent and full of eyes, within and without

Fill our hearts with gratitude
Help us see all that you do
And never let us take your mercy for granted

Bridge the darkness of our hearts
With songs of praise and joyful shouts
Guide us to that holy mount where we can see your face!

Straw Versus Grain

by Georgie Taylor
[Posted January 13, 2017]

What does straw have in common with Grain?
Once harvested, they are not fit for the same
The worth of a stalk is as animal’s bedding
A mop for manure, to soak up the impure
For straw binds so well with all earthy ingredients
And can be mixed with sand, water and mud
To form a mass from which bricks can be cut
Which when dried in the sun, or baked in the kiln
Can be used by man… to build
Earthy towers and walls, houses and roads
For by combining these weak things men’s cities do grow!
But they are not age abiding no matter how well they are made
And when the Lord comes to test them through fire, or driving rain
Or by tempestuous winds
Man shall learn what is not fit
To be used for building Him an habitation
Not worthy to be placed upon the foundation
Which is Christ

Where as…Grain feeds…Once it is threshed
And by this, the Family’s needs can be met
Also grain can be sown, after death, re-grown
When it falls into the earth and dies
It shall spring upward toward the blue sky
Nourished by the Son who gives this power
The energy to die, be sown, and then flower
To feed even more, especially the poor
Praise be to God who made these things so
Who opened our eyes so that by things made we can know
That none shall be lost, for all were bought at great cost
By the blood of our Lord, the cornerstone sure
Who brings forth much fruit, since the foundation of the world

[by Susan Berndtson – Posted 12/3/16]

Behold, the Lord

He is before you

Your very next step

Next thought
Next move

He is your Way

He is your Light


As you look to Him first

And follow His leading

He is your eyes

Your ears
Your being

He is your Word

He is your Life


Behold Him beholding

Two become one

Through Him

In Him
Because of Him


Christ and His Christ

To God be the glory!
To God be the praise!
Behold! His creation!

Behold the Lord


Revealing Christ
[by Daniel Dickerson – Posted 12/2/16]

The Christ we long to know and understand
In all His glory resurrected from death and seated at the Father’s right hand

Predestined to be bruised shamed and despised
Enduring persecution of those made to deny

His glory the Father has given to share
Of the firstfruits, those who bare

Deep mysteries of agape love the treasure hidden
In the law, the prophets all is written

Not for them of the time, but for our admonition.
Though we were told before the world began

We are stiff necked people needing to be brought to understand

Beginning to end it’s all one story
The Christ of Christ to reveal His glory.

“The Hunted and the Hunter”
[by Georgie Taylor – Posted 11/23/16]

Shooting season for birds is in full swing
And the air is rife with the hum-ding
Of gunshot
Breaking through the air in short sharp CRACKS
I look down at Jake, his ears are back
And with the next bang both dogs jolt
I best get them on the lead quick!, or they might just bolt
As we clear the woods by the Lower Dell
An interesting scene unravels as if to tell
The story of the Beaters
Some walk with a stick or two in hand
Beating down the bracken that covers the land
Others advance with loud whistles, and claps
Onward as one, they close the gaps
Driving their beat, as the birds retreat
Each follows the directions of the leader
The main man, who is the Keeper
Of all the game at this Estate
Especially the birds which he and his men have raised
For just one reason…The hunting season
With him today are men, women, and dogs
Who’ve come to oust both Pheasant and Grouse
My own beasts are now tethered to my side
As I watch the beaters follow their guide
From my vantage point I can see the birds scurry
Through the thickets in such a hurry
Hoping to escape the threat, as the hunt dogs close the net
Until as a last resort the birds take awkward flight
Their bodies look heavy and they squark in fright
Bang go the guns, the Beaters have won
Their quarry had nowhere else left to run
I think of all the false doctrines that are bred
Of those who toil to keep them fed
How God means it all for just one reason, this, the hunting season
And the time of the beaters, who He arms with one mind
To oust these fowl, and to the guns them drive
For nothing untrue shall be left, nothing impure can be kept
All liars and false prophets shall from the land be swept
Come Lord, Come
Bring the beaters, lead the hunt!

Raise Up Seed to Christ
[by Georgie Taylor – Posted 10/20/16]

The world within me has been in a very dark season
Evil men within me waxed worse and worse
My heart has been exposed as being set so proudly
Against the Lord…without cause or remorse
Everything that resides within my natural carnal mind is treason
I repent of the hatred that has abounded in me for no good reason
For now that I perceive the vanity and pettiness, I find it is everywhere
There has been so much haughtiness present within me
Through the vanity of self-importance
I have been offended so easily
Over the slightest thing I’ve said, “How Dare?!”
How shall I ever raise up seed to Christ?
He who died for all…
When so scarcely will I suffer loss for another?
Or do anything without reward
Yea, the ‘Society’ within me gave no light…Oh Lord, My heart is as bleak as night

How long, Father, until the end?
Will you always suffer this wicked generation?
When will you no longer endure the perversity and corruption?
That is within my every inner nation
Father, Seek revenge
Even mete out justice and avenge
Your Son’s blood which has been spilled
Since my beginning
For You’ve brought me to know the bounds
Of each nation’s habitation…the depth height and breadth of all my sinning
For You Lord ordained that in my hypocrisy I, too, have killed
Christ…and His Christ
For here in this generation within, the humble is seen as filth
Christ is esteemed as nothing by the so-called ‘wealthy’
And Your City of peace…the refuge for the humble is left unbuilt
The cornerstone is rejected by those within who hate the light
How long, Lord, until your judgments are in my earth and the inhabitants do right?

For only You know when Your creation in me shall be done
When each nation within shall praise You for Your mighty works!
Oh, let all these come now and confess before Your Majesty
What You do through Your all powerful Word!
Let all that lies within me understand how much you love your Son!
So that through me also Your light will be shone
Finish your work in Your Servant
Even cut it short in righteousness
For the sake of Your Elect
Let the whole World within see the brightness
Of His coming and the destruction of the seed of the Serpent
Let all of Your marvellous works be completed
Within all of the Saints that wait for You
Those who endure with patience Your process of salvation
And who speak only the truth
Even as their flesh is depleted, when Your perfect justice is meted

Out upon the world within, to quell the raging of the nations in
The heart where you have caused your light to shine
Where You expose all that is desperately wicked
Lord, give a new heart which heaves upward the Tithe of Tithes!
A heart united with Yours that will not hurt the oil, or damage the wine
One that is willing to raise up seed to Christ

Lift Up Your Head
by Mitch Kuhn

[Posted August 3, 2016]

Lift up your head, your redemption draws nigh
Fire will come down from the sky

The world is indeed waxing worse and worse
Never before has it been so perverse

Men have become women, and murder is in the womb
These days will end with destruction of the tomb

We mourn and wail at the sickness in our land
Praise God for removing our homes from the sand

The world will reap just what it has sown
Trees will be known by the fruit they have grown

We who can see the trouble ahead
It is all happening just as we have read

Red sky at night, a sailor’s delight
Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning

The sky is red, and troubles abound
When Christ returns where will you be found?

Our politicians lie, and our riches will fail
Against the powers that be we must not rail

It must come to pass, we must drink the cup
Do not lose heart, lift your head up

The end will come, this we know
If we forget to look first within, we certainly will NOT grow

Love’s New Wine
by Georgie Taylor
[Posted July 30, 2016]

These are the things
A servant of Christ
Simply must know about Wine

He mustn’t buy, Nor must He sell
Yet He must at all times
Both taste and smell

For a Sommelier is a steward
At the King’s table
A purveyor of wine
Who must be able

To determine with accuracy
From the Aroma and Bouquet
Both the process of aging
And variety of grape

Aromas, for example
Can be fruity, Herby, or Floral
And a good servant cannot rest on his laurels

For he must regularly sniff
Any glass he takes or proffers
To be sure its contents offer
Whatever is good
Whatever is lovely
Whatever has a positive report

The bouquet also he must understand
To determine what notes are in his hand
And how they are playing
By fermentation
And aging

For time and circumstance
Will give Christ’s wine
A certain nuttiness
A certain spiciness
A certain Leaven
Of Heaven

So be wise all you stewards
No man prefers new wine
Whilst he still loves the old
Yet offer Christ still
And be bold

In doing so
Don’t sell, don’t buy
Just make melody in your heart
And provide

Love’s new wine

Pilgrim’s Rest: Feb 2015
by Karen Leigh
[Posted July 25, 2016]

“If your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light”
(Mat 6:22 – Jesus)

Birds fly backwards
Against the fierceness
By which they are formed:
Like water pressing into parched cells
Like a sheepdog
Driving all Inside

Amid thornscrub of sandveld
of summer fish soup
– Wit sous –*
Like the mist –
In this recalcitrant
This succulent land
Whose resistance demands rest

Facing inward to the redeeming image
Mother splits not
Never splits in two
The child for whom
She lays down her life  Jesus in Matthew 6:22

* Afrikaans for ‘white sauce/soup’

True Joy Is Divine

by Georgie Taylor
[Posted July 15, 2016]

Every one
Exalted in heart
Is defiled before the Lord

There is none good
No, not one

Listen, become poor
Hear, He is at the door

Heed the Word
Fear the Lord

Do not now be haughty
He has spoken

For when the moon
Does eclipse the Son
Gross darkness
To Earth comes

Yet see!
Look up!
His Crown shines still
Nothing can affect His will

Look at the Corona
Become blind
For if you say YOU see
Darkness binds

Zerubbabel comes
From the scorched dry land
With the plummet
In his hand

He is the offspring
Of the one who asked

She hopes for Him
Asks of Him
Believes in Him!

For He strengthens the defences
Gives grain, oil and wine
And she who begs knows
Even stays in the vine

The poor are rich
The rich are poor

Take no light of your own
Trust in the Lord
He will show

The new Name
Engraved upon the heart of stone

Light up the lamps
Golden bowls
Do not hurt the oil
Do not hurt the wine

You cannot buy the Spirit
True Joy is Divine


by Susan Berndtson
[Posted June 15, 2016]

Humility’s Grace

Quietly listening
are ears that hear
true meaning
A light surrounds . . .

The cozy atmosphere scintillates expression . . .
thoughts enjoyed lovingly . . .
His voice begins to speak . . .
stilling . . .

Leaning forwards, looking upwards to expectant ears
His words wash through all
minds and thoughts listening . . .
pretenses disappear . . .

Truth attracts

Humility’s Grace infolded . . . u n f o l d s

feeding the hungry hearts . . .

with its Joy immeasurable

Susan 3/20

Here’s a food-related poem based on a childhood poem familiar…at least to the older set among us…

Study Snacks
by Susan Berndtson

[Posted June 15, 2016]

A tisket, a tasket
A center table basket
Of cashews, almonds, nuts galore
To nibble on when seeking Him

To seek Him, to find Him
He fills us up to our brim
Our hearts are changed, our lives renewed
He truly is our best health food!

A Prayer of Hope

by Georgie Taylor – 6/7/2016

Darkness falls and the moon rises
Stars twinkle in silence
Owls hoot, a fox calls out loud
Bats swoop without sound
Light wind moves the trees
The summer air is thick and sweet
I think again of you

There are praises, to be paid
And requests also, to be made
I must now gather all my thoughts
Even to test them against your sword
Have I walked in prayer today?
Where did I fall short, again?
Oh Lord, I am sorry, and I’m glad
I am happy, and I’m sad
Today is spent, and tomorrow is yet
On the horizon

I thank you Lord for all your provision
For every aspect of this day you’ve given
Especially for this time to reflect
For now I see I must repent
Of all the moments when I forgot who I am
Even when I cursed another man
Forgive me Father, for my moments of haste
And for any of your substance which I did waste
It is so precious

Let my prayer be pleasing to you
Grant me peace and understanding too
Hide my nakedness and my shame
And teach me Lord, more of your name
Cause your love to cover me, and
Give me good instructions whilst I sleep
Let tomorrow open my stony heart
Soften it Father, for it is hard
I cannot know it

Lord, I know you are near
I ask you Father, cause me always to hear
Your still small voice
Over and above the carnal choice
For I am flesh, please Lord don’t forget
And cause your face to shine
Otherwise only confusion and sorrow will be mine
Because, without you Lord I am nothing
And if I walk in darkness I will stumble
Lord, keep me humble
Yet I shall live in hope

Grant peace to all who love peace
And let not Satan have anything more in these
For our hearts are not filled with mirth
Lord, overcome all that wish to destroy and hurt
Those who live in Hope of you
We who wait in earnest for all you do
Lord, disappoint all our foes
And lift us up above all our woes
Because you keep all who trust in you

With praises Lord, I seek your face
With fear Lord, I know your grace
And with thankfulness I petition
Make short the work in all filled with contrition
For we are lowly and despised
Many there are that make up lies
To destroy and scatter, let none of them matter!
Do not let one saint fall, but save us from them all
Even from the wiles of the Devil

For he has desired a feast this day
Hoping to devour all he may
Hear oh Lord, the sheep of your fold bleating
Make a swift end of all who speak leasing
Who desire by this to shed blood
We know You Lord, and in You we trust
Rebuke him Lord

Let the moon fade behind a cloud, and let
The silence of this night become almost loud
For Lord I know that whilst I sleep
Pale shadows will come upon the lawn
Yet they will be scattered when You dawn!
And though beneath my window things will creep
I ask you Lord, The Body to keep
Even save us from the hands of wicked men

Father, let us press on and be bold
That through us your truth be told
For you only are The Lord
You only are our reward
Let what you have given prosper in our hand
That we might go further into your peaceful land
Even until we reach the blessed place
Where we shall regard you face to face
Let us know you even as we are known

Give blessed rest to your sheep this night
That we might be refreshed and fight
With your sword, your faith, and your helmet too
And with breastplate on, and belt of Truth
For vengeance is yours, you will repay
All that tried to destroy this day
Keep our eyes fixed upon the prize
For Lord we know you do not despise
Cause us to follow you steadfastly

Thank you Lord for the remnant
Those whom you clothe with zeal
Lord, hear my appeal
Let the owl be found only in wasted Babylon
And let the fox be hunted down
Cause the trees that whisper to be mute
And every creeping thing of the night refute
And now as I lay me down to sleep
I pray you Lord, the Body of Christ to keep
Let the day Dawn in our hearts

Gratitude for The Christ

by Georgie Taylor – 5/10/2016

Peace is a place of rest and safety
That belongs to only one Nation
And few do find her in this generation

These are my Family in Christ
All who find comfort
In her bright searching light

For Jerusalem above is pure
And nothing that defiles
Can her Truth endure

Her river extends
Through the land of the humble
And all wars do end

Loving kindness meets Truth
And praise springs up to nourish
So the garden of the Lord does flourish

Righteousness kisses Peace
In the Lord’s Help Meet

A Pocket Full of Glory

Praise be our glorious God of Mercy
through whom all blessings flow

Tribulations and troubles

wrap me in despair

sparking faint and weary

darkness cloaks … pressing

Lord Jesus, I cry

Loving kindness knows
He sees and hears
carefully wrapping me
in his handkerchief of mercy
tucking me tenderly
in a pocket of His heart

Gently, grace pulses
through my feeble strength
my spirit is nearly spent

His Love revives 

Praise be our glorious God of Mercy
through whom all blessings flow

(Susan Berndtson  – 10/15)

His Love…

Can you feel love floating from my heart to your heart
across every land and divide,
passing o’re troubles, all people, the heartaches,
humming its song as it flies…

Softly my heart sings its song just for your sake,
arising beyond time and space;
God’s reason through seasons, His measure this treasure,
envelops my heart with its grace…

My heart’s celebration is joy’s exaltation,
knowing my love’s found its rest;
tucked in His Heart-song expressed through our beings,
we now, being one…Love so blessed…

Susan Berndtson (copyright 2011)

[Posted September 30, 2015]

As Life’s Stewardship

by Sue Price

A faithful duty of service; for GOD’S Glory (not mine)
A Wondrous book, a true story; Beyond finished time.

Pre-appointed a steward and heir; my life is in HIS Hand,
With lusty eyes and fleshly pride, I’ve quickly filled the land.
While the beast busily builds idols false and alters
A marred vessel first, the new one stumbles and he falters

Discern Sense Aware Comprehend…is it time to see?
Only if…Only if, it’s given unto me!
Value and Know. Sense and Receive.
Become conscious and grateful, be thankful, be pleased!

Realize Appreciate, Preserve what you hear.
Greet and Salute; your brethren are near!

Grasp, Grip, Take hold of, Hang on and Retain
Keep, Clasp and Value; as one in HIS NAME.
Look after and Tend. Encourage and Grow.
In Humble Obedience, this way HE does show.

Cherish and Treasure the LORD’S gift; Esteemed fear.
Perfect Love that we’re Chosen to carry and share
In afflictions of Jesus while revealing HIS Light
Thus the end of our battle inside is in sight.

While HE gives satisfaction, contentment. Success.
HE Tears down false idols; Fills up the conquest.

That through our first Adam HE gives us a way
To see how HE causes the clay to obey…
By using false idols, their wood and their stone
To place in our lives Christ’s Christ on the throne.

Deposes and topples, invades, captures, takes
Overthrows, overcomes, occupies, subjugates!
Casts out and conquers, removes, ousts, unseats
Practicing faith, hope and confidence, in us HE completes

Don’t fear the quickening, of a dying old man
He’s served his purpose, now do all and stand.
Install and establish, setting up on high lands
GOD’S rule and HIS reign, HIS charge and commands.

Undertake with assurance. Declaration is here
Verdict announced: Love of GOD casts out fear!
Getting Wisdom and knowledge; their perception is clear
To Perfectly Love GOD, we have ears that do hear!

Accountability, diligence, duty and tasks,
Uprightness well learned, to do as HE asks.
Assess, praise, consider, as Plans are revealed,
Imparted, uncovered, make plain HIS concealed.

Delivered from sin, new man, at the door,
HIS dutiful servant; wait now, there’s more…
Converted and humbled; a child quick to please,
To trust and obey; we are given the keys.

Simple and clear, spotless and clean,
Knowing GOD’S mind is what it all means.

So stay steadfast in hope, those given eyes,
Not the LORD’S chastening, shall we despise.
Through trials you’re quickened to GOD’S Mystery,
Knowing your life’s proving Christ’s Victory!

We Are God’s People

by Hollis McIntosh

We are God’s People
A Melody Line Of Gratitude
Our Hearts Agree
In A Loving Attitude

Unfaithfulness And Ignorance
Christ’s Body With Extended Hands
Stand Before God In Obedience

As His Jewels Embracing
His love Reality And Beauty
United By His Spirit Of Praise
In Togetherness And Loyalty

Ready To Be Used Joyfully
In All Glory And Honor
To Worship, How sweet A Pleasure
As Servants, Bound By Equality.

Faith’s Gift

by Susan Berndtson

Tears sourced of His Love

one’s spirit uplifting
as light as the dew
vanishing in the Son
lighting the heart
with his joy everlasting

illuminate one’s countenance
heavenward bound


by Susan Berndtson

[Posted April 1, 2015]

I’ve been ‘whelmed’
by the Love of God
My heart of deepest desire
loving, knowing, having, beholding
His Love within, unfolding

I’ve been ‘whelmed’
in the Love of God
My life is His; it’s in His
Immersed into One
Through Lord Jesus, His Son
It was; it will be


Your gratefully ‘whelmed’ sister from the ‘little flock’,  Susan

He Who We Hear is Near

by Georgie Taylor

[Originally Posted September 24, 2013]

The palace is ready
His people are keen
Come in King’s daughters
Bring with you the Queen!
The Beloved is here
And there is no fear
In the City of light

Where there is no night

All Earthly things we’ve had
Everything here we’ve seen
From the best and most valued
To the greatest e’re been
Not one can compare
Nor can any share
A place beside Him

Where there is no sin

A good name among men
All riches under the sun
These cannot save
Or strengthen to run
Like seeing His face
And receiving His Grace
With which He us chastens

As His day hastens!

We have heard His voice!
Caught a glimpse of His form
Come let us run now
Towards the Day’s Dawn
Our earth He has tilled
And lamps has He filled
Come let’s rejoice!

We are His choice!

Not one stone left standing
No enemy in sight
For He wears the Crown
And His is the Might
All of earth’s kings
Soon they, too, will sing
Saying the sceptre He carries

And we He does marry!

His sweet and clear waters
Flowed down from the mount
As we walked the dry valley
They caused us to shout!
These spoke of His name
Testified of His fame!
And this is our song

To Him victory Belongs!

It is here by His side
With Him as our Head
That we live out His life
Crying tears He does shed
With Him we are One!
And all else is gone!
This is our Praise

Come, Sing to His name!

We’re an army with banners
Not one wall can stand
Come take your station!
And hear His command!
When He says SHOUT,
His Truth will flow out
Like a clarion call

The strong will fall!

His Name will be ours!
And in Zion we’ll dwell
When He’s made all things new
Each lie He has quelled
Ere we praise His greatness
And attribute our chasteness
To His strength and love

So high above!

Cast away your old clothes
Count it all as dross!
For NOW we have Him
We are no longer lost!
We are His Wife,
And we share His Life
It has oft been told

His Queen wears Gold!

Fine and beautiful
Intricate and strong
Is His perfect covering
Which to His Body belongs
Woven through fine new cloth
Ne’er touched by moth
T’is as we’ve heard

His faithful Word!

So sing one and ALL
Let’s be no longer afraid!
To tell all we know
Of this vessel He’s made
His new perfect love
On whom rests His Dove
That spirit from Him

Sets us free from sin!

Let us walk in this Peace
His place of rest forever
When we have entered
We’re blessed beyond measure
Then in we who are first
Through we who do thirst
Others, too, will say

Blessed are they!

The fate of all in Adam
Is the dark mount thrown down
Cast in the deep oceans
Filled with men of renown
Yet soon comes their hour
Wherein they, too, will flower
And will worship Him

With Beauty of Holiness within!

We know who you are!
You were here all along
You are He who is,
And this is our song!
You are He who will be
The Almighty!
And you’ve cut our chains

Jesus Reigns!

To us is revealed the words of His song, Hosanna in the highest!

The Temple Steps

by Paul Miller

[Originally Posted February 12, 2014]

Keep praying saints, on the fifteen steps of the temple we ascend.
Those who sow in tears Shall reap in joy
He who continually goes forth weeping,
Bearing seed for sowing.
Shall doubtless come again with rejoicing.
Bringing his sheaves. (Psa 126:5-6)

Keep praying saints of God Most High, on the fifteen steps of the temple we ascend.
Jerusalem is built
As a city that is compact together
Where the tribes go up.
The tribes of the LORD,
To the Testimony of Israel,
To give thanks to the name of the LORD,
For thrones are set there for judgement. The throne of the house of David. (Psa 122:3-5)

Keep praying saints, on the fifteen steps of the temple we ascend.
If You LORD, should mark iniquities,
O Lord, who could stand?
But there is forgiveness with You,
That you may be feared. (Psa 130:3-4)
UNTO You I lift up my eyes

O You who dwell in the heavens.
Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the
hand of their masters,
As the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress,
So our eyes look the LORD our God,
Until He has mercy on us. (Psa 123:1-2)

Keep praying saints of God most high, on the fifteen steps of the temple we ascend.
“Many a times they have afflicted me from my youth”
Let Israel now say-
“Many a times they have afflicted me from my youth;
Yet they have not prevailed against me.
The powers plowed on my back;
They made their furrows long.” (Psa 129:1-3)

Keep praying saints, on the fifteen steps of the temple we ascend.
I will praise you with my whole heart;
Before the gods I will sing praises to you.
I will worship toward your holy temple,
And praise Your name.
For Your lovingkindness and Your truth;
For you have magnified your word above all Your name.
In the day that I cried out, You answered me,
And made me bold with strength in my soul. (Psa 138:1-3)

Rejoice always,
Pray without ceasing,
In everything give thanks; for this is the will of
God in Christ Jesus for you.(1Th 5:16-18)

[For by grace you have been saved through faith,
and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God (Eph 2:8)]

A Rhyme on The Vow by The Nazarites

by Sue Price

[Published January 30, 2015]

To die and give of all we’ve lived…
As though not valued, not seen;
Requires a living sacrifice…
For what, when finished, we’ll glean.

Wondrous works, marvelous words; No shame of HIS Name,
… matured with time to partake of the vine.
Abiding in righteousness; rather better then the self glory
… of giving Nazarites wine.
Holy days given to study and learn; While holidays given to show no discern.

In those days that must be fulfilled, before we’re pruned and purged,
To the fact that no outward ritual causes an inward maturity surge.

All brought to the blindness of our good intentions;
Only then can we fill up with the partaking of CHRIST’S AFFLICTIONS.

But can any favored mature, before their appointed time?
… surely not!
Only through a spiritual mind in Christ are we wounded and spurned
From all worldly pride and thought…
Then do we drop to the ground and willingly die, and in our sin we’re burned!

Sacrificing first for peace: a sweet smelling Spirit,
Those that have ears to hear … hear it!
Then for sin: which burns the immaturities of strong smelling hair…
Lastly embroidered within are the beasts of four there.
Whom overcomes through GOD’S ordained strength in this life;
Are HIS 5 pillars found through the sacred door; HIS tabernacle of strife

For our own good, through being made blind and chosen by God On High,
We bow ourselves with all our might to our death and go with opened eyes!

Now made able to bear the plentiful fruit;
saved up for us, …GOD Himself to suit!
Now made able of matured faith; Wine more valued than grapes;
Fermented, better than grain.
Able to handle the dead, not carnal, not weak, but faith filled and sane!

Yet we love you all, to the saving, through His Strength alone!
And only then as ordained … And through hardships planned, spiritually grown!

Please Don’t Let Me Go

by Lee Herrington

[Posted November 15, 2013]

Father, please don’t let me go;
with all I am I pray it’s so.
You drew me near with splintered eye
please don’t allow this love to die,
but to know Your rest has its price
not once, not twice, not even thrice,
but seven times a man must fall
to touch, to hear, to see it all.

So I cried out “I’ll take this pain”
just to turn and fall again,
tossed to and fro with every test
for with blood and sweat we enter rest.

So I take this walk and bare my cross
and into the fire my soul You toss.
So I pray this body You will choose;
my flesh for Christ and His abuse.

So flesh and blood You strip away,
but in You I’ll trust, and this I pray
Your gold and silver You purify
like flesh in fire burned alive
so this battle rages deep within
eyes wide open to grace and sin.

The final wound now I am dead.
No thoughts of flesh within my head,
but to win or lose You decide
for in this temple You reside.

Please don’t let me go!

Why I Am Here

by Lee Herrington

With tears and sweat my body shakes.
I beg for sleep, my brain is numb
To the darkness I succumb.
Will I wake? I do not know.
My light will shine if you say it’s so.
I cling to life to see your face,
and thank you for your love and grace.
I ask my self what is this life
when all I see is pain and strife?
To know you is the only way,
so I’ll seek you in the light of day.
So hold me in your hand so tight,
and guide me through the dark of night.
So with tears and sweat I lie awake,
I pray my soul for you to take.
Life and death are full of pain.
It’s why I’m here, it’s why you came.