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  • Who Does Jacob Foreshadow? Could you tell me who Jacob is? I know the family has a history of deception and trickery.  Isaac tricked, Jacob tricks his brother, Jacob is tricked by the father-in-law, Jacob tricks the father-in-law, the brothers trick Joseph into slavery, Joseph tricks his brothers... [read more]
  • Greetings, Do you have any insight from the story of Naaman? I see true baptism, the washing of water by the word, to present us a glorious church without spots and wrinkles. I also see that we need to wash ourselves seven times in the water, which speaks of the seven steps of salvation dep... [read more]
  • Hey Mike, I have been wondering awhile how exactly Christ experienced the wrath of God. When did Christ experience suffering for one's own sin (certainly not His?) as opposed to suffering for righteousness? If you have written anything prior, feel free to direct me to that - don't want to take your ... [read more]
  • How the story of Eutychus spiritually applies to us To the Body, What do you all make of this spiritually, and how do we apply it to our lives today? Act 20:9 And a young man named Eutychus, sitting at the window, sank into a deep sleep as Paul talked still longer. And being overcome by sleep, he fe... [read more]
  • Mike, I have a question about the application of God's word. My parents were called out of the church many years ago. They have both tasted of God's greatness in their lives, and I do not view what I am going to share with you as anything except being of God. Recently my Dad has been starting back i... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, When this is said in The Law of Moses versus the Law of the Spirit... "Eat meat with those who eat meat, herbs with those who eat herbs. Become "all things to all men that you might by all means save some" (1Co 9:22)." "... Take heed lest this liberty of yours become a stumblingblock... [read more]
  • Dear Mike: Many times at work, after a holiday, I will get asked the following: "Did you have a good Christmas (or Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.)?" I know that if someone wishes me a happy holiday, I will tell them "Thank you", but what should be my response to this other question? Thank you for your t... [read more]