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  • Audio Links Download Part 1 [audio:http://www.iswasandwillbe.com/audio/FloweryBranch/You_Have_Power_Part_1.mp3] Video Links Download Part 1 [jwplayer config="Out-of-the-Box" file="http://www.iswasandwillbe.com/video/AVI/FloweryBranch/You_Have_Power_Part_1.avi"] Act 1:8 But ye shall receive powe... [read more]
  • Sad News One of Willard's greatest desires was that the body of Christ nurture each other, support each other and love one another. Please keep Bettie and all of Willard's extended family in your prayers. Willard was greatly missed at our conference, so it was a joyous event when Willard called us ... [read more]