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  • Thanks for your reply, Mike, In a previous email you said "God created us as sinning machines." You can correct me if I am misrepresenting your position. I am going to paste a link to a video done by the same man in where he argues that sin is a choice. If we are sinning machines and were created t... [read more]
  • Dear brother Mike, Thank you for your prayers. They are deeply appreciated and needed. I find myself in another peak of this fiery trial. I have completely succumbed to it. I can't even have any hope for my life in this earth anymore. I feel empty and lost. I feel dead. It is so hard for me to see... [read more]
  • Noah – Part 10 God gave Noah a rainbow as a sign of His covenant by Victor Torres Hello dear children. In our previous study, we learned why Noah and his family were given meat to eat after the flood. We learned that this is telling us that if we are one of the chosen people of God, we will becom... [read more]
  • Sir, I haven't been able to find an answer to this in the faqs. My question is, I am a sinning machine, and I read the bible, but I can't stop sinning. Should I stop reading the bible? Thanks, E____   Hi E____, You ask: I am a sinning machine, and I read the bible, but I can't stop... [read more]