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  • Mike, I have a question about free will. I don't have a problem accepting the fact that we do not have free will, but scripture seems to disagree with it at times. Take Saul for instance. When he was on the road headed for Damascus he was not looking for salvation at the time when he saw the bright... [read more]
  • Dear Mike, Most black African children when they are born are introduced to their own tradition. Africans uses 'muti', a belief one can communicate with their dead ancestors. They believe that their dead loved ones' spirits are alive. They brag about being protected by them. Muti they use for wit... [read more]
  • Mike, I need biblical insight on this, so can you help me please. I have a relative who says she sees dead people and they tell her things. All I know is that the dead are asleep according to scripture. But can demons appear as a dead relative and decieve? Your brother in CHRIST, H____ Hi H____, Yes... [read more]