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  • Hi. I have been going through a lot over the past year. I was born a Catholic, and my mom, after going through some rough times, didn't believe in Christ anymore. I grew up not knowing if Christ existed. Sometimes I thought it was a made up story. Sometimes I didn't know if he did or didn't exist. M... [read more]
  • I have read a good amount of material from your web site, and I am still trying to disprove something on there. My former pastor, of a southern Baptist church, found my web site, and he was not too happy with it. A good amount of the material is from or directed to your site. My question is, how... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, Can you tell me how to start a neighborhood bible study? C____ C____, My advice would be that if you have a family, family member, friend or anyone at all who would be willing to study with you on a regular basis, begin your regular Bible study with them, and then begin to i... [read more]