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  • Who Is Under The Law? Hi Mike, You said in your reply to Carlton Pearson, A E Knoch, Et Al Posted October 3 2004: "What none of these teachers see is what the scriptures reveal 'grace' to be. These men are all quick to quote: Rom 5:20 Moreover the law entered, that the offense might abound. ... [read more]
  • Mike, Heb 9:15 is a bit easier to understand when you know what a kinsman redeemer is. I don't have it all figured out yet, but the Spirit just put that in my head about a hour ago. I will copy and paste a brief quote concerning kinsman redeemer below.  The idea of a kinsman- redeemer was esta... [read more]
  • Good Morning Mike, What a blessing I receive every time I visit iswasandwillbe.com. I was reading yesterday one of your responses to an email question, and you mentioned something about the "spiritual" vision God gives to us to see in His word the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. I am not ther... [read more]
  • Jeanne wrote: I just read your letter about pulling Revelation off the site. I don't feel so bad now... knowing I am not the only one who goofs. I didn't believe for a minute that I could not sin... let's face it... we still have our sinful nature. Might give you something else to think about. I jus... [read more]
  • Al wrote: Dear Mike I have no idea how I got to his site. At first I felt a glimmer of hope that just maybe here was a possibility of truth. However, I should tell you that I Amo 65 and have spent most of my life searching. I have had times when I thought I had found the truth spent 20 years wit... [read more]