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  • Hi Mike, I just found your website recently (not by chance) and recognize the truth when I read it.  The one thing that I noticed though is that according to my research, you have an incorrect understanding of the meaning of the Greek word kephale.  It only has two meanings in Greek – it means a ... [read more]
  • Adam and Eve Part 5 by Victor Torres Hello children. Last week, we learned a big lesson. We learned that God is in control of everything. It was God who put that tree right in the middle of the garden. It was also God who made both Adam and Eve sinful and disobedient by nature. It was God who m... [read more]
  • Parents and Children by Victor Torres Parents should teach their kids to obey them and God, to do what is right and fair. Gen 18:19 I have chosen him (Abraham) in order that he may command his sons and his descendants to obey me and to do what is right and just. If they do, I will do everything... [read more]
  • Mike, Thanks for your reply. I have two more questions: How did you know that the ESV's translation of Psa 119:160 is the most accurate? 2) What Bible translation would you recommend? L____ Hi L____, You ask two questions: I have two more questions: 1) How did you know that the ESV's tran... [read more]