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  • Hi Mike, When do you consider your conversion had taken place? Your baptism in Worldwide? How do you view your worldwide journey? Do you consider that the time of God calling you? I do mine even though I see many doctrinal problems of that church, past or present. My baptism took place in '68 there... [read more]
  • Dear Mr. Vinson, On three separate occasions, my wife and I have asked another website minister why he "skipped" the most important tithing verse in the New Testament (Heb 7:8) when he quoted most of Heb 7 in his "tithing" paper. I just find it to be a little unacceptable and odd to skip right ov... [read more]
  • Mike Lev 19:18 is the Golden Rule, which Christ quoted. And Moses commanded them to kill people in an act of judgment, often times those He (God) commanded be killed were those that were worshiping Molech- which required Child Sacrifice. This was not to be done all through the ages. Government is re... [read more]