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  • Who Is "The Ancient of Days"? This phrase appears three times in scripture, and all three are in Daniel 7: Dan 7:9  I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fie... [read more]
  • The Book of Obadiah – Part 4 “Out of Sion Comes the Deliverer” The word of Obadiah or any part of the Bible is not a history lesson as is typically the takeaway of the Babylonian churches and their false doctrines. These words are not a history lesson, these are words we shall live by. They are wr... [read more]
  • Every Man's Hand Against His Neighbor [audio:http://www.iswasandwillbe.com/audio/Mobile_AL/2015/Every_Mans_Hand_Against_His_Neighbor.mp3] Every Man's Hand Against His Neighbor Zec 8:10 For before these days there was no hire for man, nor any hire for beast; neither was there any pea... [read more]