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  • Dear brother, Just one quick question to further help me and direct my studies: what about Abraham having been justified by faith? Any studies on that? Thank you! F____ Hi F____, Thank you for this question. It is easy to answer because the scriptures simply do not say that Ab... [read more]
  • Hey, Mike, I currently have the same fear that woman has of what God has planned for the future - and I agree with you that that's an indication of attachment to the flesh.  Fear of death, both spiritual and physical... thank you for the Scripture - still hoping for Christ's righteousness ... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, Do you see grace (which chastens and disciplines) available (accessible) only to those who have come out of Babylon? Seems to me, those who are under law, false doctrine of Christ, don't have access to grace. The law hasn't done its work yet of leading them to the true Christ. They do... [read more]