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  • Hi Mike, ​I h​ave a question to ask. When Christ said "Greater these things ye shall do than I​" what did that mean? Thanks,​ G____ Hi G​____, ​It is always good to hear from you, and you are always in our prayers. You ask what Christ meant when He said: Joh 14:12  Verily, verily, I say un... [read more]
  • What Is The Glorification of Christ? Mr. Vinson, I have been reading your website for a while now, and I have been tremendously blessed by it...thank you. I have a question for you. When was Jesus glorified? Was it at His ascension? Was it at His resurrection? Some claim that Jesus, after His res... [read more]
  • Printer Friendly Page Hello Mike, I chanced upon your site while I was researching another topic and decided to give some of your topics a read. I do agree with some and disagree with others. The trinity is one of them. Kindly have a look at some of the material I have put together from my study of ... [read more]