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  • Hi Mike,            Thank you for the phone call the other night; it was most encouraging. I really do feel all the prayers yourself and others have said for me have come to them from God to establish my recovery. It will no doubt be a few more weeks... [read more]
  • H____ wrote: Dear Mike: With humility. I have a couple questions for you concerning the "few" chosen. God sent his own Son in the likeness of sinful man to be a "sin offering." With Christ Jesus abiding in us, will God send us as "sin offerings" also? Rom 8:1-4 and Rom 12:1. Is this our "spiritual... [read more]
  • A____ wrote: Dear mike, I know that the House of God is the pillar and ground of truth, but who exactly is this church, this house of God? Is this the few chosen? Is there any way you can show me this in scripture, as I struggle to answer this question. I'm unable to find much on it, except for the... [read more]
  • Hi Mike, I happened to see a post on a bible study forum that I would like your comments on. I think here is a brother who hears the voice of the Master. He says: "For fourteen months I have looked for and measured the change I see in those God brings to the studies. Because of this, today I belie... [read more]